Woman Chases Down Bulldog Kidnappers
English Bulldog Thieves

English Bulldog Thieves of Related Story

Dec. 10th 2014

written by : Daniel Weese on Facebook ( ie. face-it you’re-addicted)

Angry Bulldog Mama Chases Down Kidnappers

Out of nowhere a man crept onto her lawn and continued quickly up the stairs of her front porch nabbing her Bulldog, Maximus. It was a “scary moment”, said Rosa Miller of Carlisle, PA.

“Scary moment..a guy just came up to my front porch grabbed Maximus. Ran and jumped into the bed of a waiting ford pickup. I screamed grabbed my keys and ran to follow. The guy dumped Maximus out before leaving the neighborhood. He’s fine, sleeping it off right now. Police said it’s the same scheme as following the ups or FedEx delivery trucks and stealing packages only this time it was an English bulldog. Please watch your babies closely this season!!”

- Rosa Miller

Bulldog Thefts Occurrences on The Rise

After hearing her incredible story, I had to contact Rosa. She couldn’t be reached for a comment, but later said,

“Maximus never saw the guy. I was walking to door to let him in from doing his business. He never left my sight. The man walked right up on my porch behind maximus and grabbed him. He had the nerve to look me in the eye and smile at me. That face will before ever etched in my mind .unfortunately he had no distinguishable features.”

- Rosa Miller

I was amazed to hear that after witnessing her beloved bully snatched by an unknown assailant Rosa, in only a split second, jumped into her vehicle and ran down her Bulldog’s captures. No doubt Rosa’s hands were trembling from fear! Her mind was likely filled with anger and confusion as she sped down the road in pursuit. Thankfully, her bold action made the thugs think twice before moving ahead with their rotten scheme. So far, the criminals have not been brought in by police. Who would do such a thing?! Why?

Looking at the response from the police, it would seem this sort of crime is nothing new and during the holidays, these atrocities are always on the rise. So who’s watching you and your Bulldog? Go ahead and google this topic. You’ll see theft of Bulldogs is a very real danger. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? How many slimeballs are cruising the neighborhood looking for high priced pets like ours. They probably figure there’s no reason to limit their “work” to just doorside packages, but to snatch up anything of value which they can carry into their vehicle and quickly trade for cash. Maybe it’s not the cash, but the most popular four-legged companion in america they want.

Take These Steps to Protect Your Bulldog

Stolen Bulldog Last Seen Mar 2014

Another Stolen Bulldog Last Seen Mar 2014

My advise to you, fellow Bulldog lovers is to take a few, long overdue steps to ensure your Bully stays home for the holidays. Where does your Bulldog do his business? Thinking back, we were sort of careless.

We used to let our Bulldogs out the front door of our home, but recently decided to only let them out the back door so passers by wouldn’t see our valuable family members. Lots of people have a plaque or sign with a picture of their Bulldog near the front porch or on the door. While these Bulldog themed signs and doormats are beautiful and fun, I think they convey a dangerous message should the wrong person see them.

Think of all the people coming to your door throughout any given month and consider whether it’s a good idea they know you own one of the most expensive and heavily desired pets in America.

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Oh and no offense to the pizza guy, but when you’ve ordered take out and the stranger carrying your food comes to the door, don’t let your bully greet him. Hide your Bulldog in the next room until he’s left. Maybe that last one comes off a little nutty, but if it saves your family from losing one of it’s most loved members to a dognapping, why not do it.

One last way to make sure your Bulldog stays with you this Christmas is to consider who you’re “friending” on facebook. These people see all the pictures you upload of your precious bully and we all know most crimes are linked to a family member or friend so be sure you choose your facebook friends wisely.


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