Why Are Bulldog Puppies So Expensive?

snow bulliesIt’s easy to imagine an English Bulldog breeder pairing a male and female Bulldog together and waiting for puppies to be born.Then simply selling those puppies for huge profits with little or no work involved, but there’s so much more that goes on concerning breeding Bulldogs. From start to finish there are hours upon hours of work and lost sleep put into breeding the female and raising her pups.

This breeder of Rare Color English Bulldogs may have the most expensive puppies around!

Once the female has gone into her heat cycle there are multiple tests that are needed to determine the right time for her to be bred. These Progesterone tests call for many trips to the veterinarian. Once she’s ready, she can be artificially inseminated either surgically or vaginally. A few weeks after breeding, the female gets her first ultrasound to confirm pregnancy . With the miles driven, time spent, and the high price for veterinarian services, the costs are already adding up. If there is indeed a confirmed pregnancy you have around 35 days to prepare for a litter of puppies.

Before giving birth to her pups, the “bitch” – Bulldog term – I’m not cussing, I promise 🙂 is  taken back to the veterinarian for an x-ray. This x-ray helps the doctor to determine just how many puppies are inside of her for an easier delivery. Around 63 days in the gestational period the pups are usually ready to be born. It’s incredible just how quickly the puppies grow inside “Mom”! As a joke,when comparing the gestational period of a dog and a woman, I always say, it’s like comparing a microwave to an electric oven.

Why English Bulldogs Aren’t Cheap For The Buyer Or  The Breeder

Most people have heard that Bulldogs require a c-section for their puppies to be delivered, but they may not know why. Simply put, the traditional, vaginal birth is much too dangerous primarily because the puppies’ heads are too big to make it through the birth canal. If a puppy should get stuck while the mother is in labor it would result in almost certain death for at least one of the puppies if not all. What you may not have heard about the c-section is that it can cost as much as $2,000 when completed by a professional and quality doctor. The c-section, from start to finish, usually takes a couple of hours. Your sent home with some absolutely gorgeous puppies and of course a huge bill, but looking at the newborn pups you know it’s more than worth it every time.

At home the battle begins! Imagine bringing home your own baby, but in this case there are four or more pups and their much more fragile than a human being. From the start the mother is still pretty well “knocked out” from her medication and often times she isn’t capable of feeding her babies, or even concerned with feeding herself for the first couple of days. In fact, in many cases, her puppies are the last thing she wants to see for the first day or two. Still, the puppies need fed every two hours even through the night and they’re almost completely helpless to feed on their own. Many times the babies have to be fed by bottle or even tube fed if they’re lacking the health or strength to eat on their own.

Mom can’t be left to feed the puppies without supervision because it’s very possible for her to step on their fragile bodies, almost surely killing them. The new pups need constant monitoring because they’re so susceptible to sickness and even death. For the first week it’s not uncommon to make a few trips back to the veterinarian for a sick puppy. Now you’re beginning to see why Bulldog puppies are so costly.

English Bulldog and KidAfter a grueling three weeks, things start to get a bit easier. The puppies can finally be left alone with their Mother for short periods of time and the breeder can start to regain his sanity. At 6 weeks the puppies are ready for their first round of vaccinations and deworming with the veterinarian and again 4 weeks after that. You don’t have to be a math scientist to know vet visits aren’t cheap! When all is said and done, the breeder has spent up to $3,000 – $5,000 raising a litter of Bulldog puppies.

I’m not going to lie and say “we don’t make any money selling our pups”, but at times it’s completely possible to lose money on a litter of puppies. We grow incredibly close to each one of our puppies after all of the time spent raising them. For my wife and I, our Bullies are most definitely worth all the hard work and money spent! We’ve always adored our dogs and know we’re blessed beyond measure to have them as our pets!

I hope this page explains to you a little better just why Bulldog puppies are so expensive. To keep the page short and because I didn’t want to bore you, I kept a lot of details out. You can be sure that if you decide to purchase a puppy through a reputable breeder who shows a true love for the Bulldog breed you’re money is going to be well spent. I don’t believe anyone can put a price on the amazing loyalty and affection a Bulldog lavishes on his owner.

Thinking of Breeding Your Bulldog?

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  • Fullfill wifes want

    I live in Ohio my wife has been wanting a Bully, I my son an i have saved an saved to finally be able to buy her a beautiful baby bully but we are unable to find any around our area the closest we have found is a 8 hour drive one way….CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE. …..We have a family vet very liable an will provide nice loving clean home….yes we still have alot to learn about the baby but he or she will be in great home an hands….😀😀

    • Tony

      Not sure where in Ohio you live, but Linda is located in Chagrin Falls. Her pups are beautiful and she’s a very knowledgeable breeder. Check her website out and good luck. lindas adora bullies.weebly.com

    • Rebekah Bell

      i will have my first litter on july 7th. im in illinois

    • Samantha

      How much was you wanting to spend and what’s the oldest puppy you would take?

  • Samantha

    We paid around $3000 for our amazing AKC EB .. She is just a little over one years old. We would love to find a similar stud for her to breed with..this is our first rodeo and have no idea how to find a similar caliber stud in Orange County CA…

  • Patti

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking at buying my first EB this weekend from Iris Farm in Pine Bush NY for 5000 she is a blue and white with a little brown in her and I will be looking at breeding her. Irish does have a male for me, so it does come with breeding rights. I just feel this is a little high. I don’t mind paying it if it will bring me a good line but how do I make sure of that…..I am nervous and don’t want to be scammed or to find out later the puppy doesn’t hold any credibility…..Please help me to find that I am making the right decision ASAP, going this afternoon to see the puppy and maybe put a down payment.

    Warwick NY

    • Dan Weese

      Sorry, Patti. I was out all day and didn’t see your question. I hope everything went well. Sounds like an exciting purchase!

    • Ivy

      Think about buying from iris farms how was your experience?

  • Eddie

    1 male Bulldog $5,000
    1 Female Bulldog $6,000
    1 year food supply $5,200
    hollestic food($100pw)
    2 Dog washs per month(1-year)-$2,400
    2 Kennels,2 dog collars ect-$1,000
    2 inside crates-$600
    2 vet checkups per month$1450
    Council breeding license-$1,000
    Rego fees per dog-$400
    That’s yearly.
    That’s not even breeding yet!
    Progesterone tests-$600
    5 vet checks includes scan-$800
    Pups vaccinations-M/Chip,papers,(5pups)-$2,000
    Over 8 weeks of your time looking after pups,cleaning poo,wee,newspapers,wipes,lots of cleaning.
    $2,000-your own dog site.
    All that costs over $20,000 and your free hours of time,that’s why Bulldogs are expensive.
    That doesn’t even include pet insurance of emgency vet fees-$200-$20,000+.

    • Dorothy

      Hey Eddie, I am a veterinarian student and I am writing a paper about the costs of responsible breeding of bulldogs.  Could I have your last name please so that I may site you as source? You are the first person I’ve found to give an honest detailed estimate of the true cost involved.

      • Tasha

        I got a question for u: I got a female pitbull & I met a dude who has a bulldog he wants to mate them, was wondering would she have to have surgery to deliver the pups or can pitbulls handle giving birth to those kind of pups???

        • Stacey

          I have a female long snout bulldog and my pitbull dog got her pregnant she just had 4 gorgeous puppies one passed away but the 3 remaining babies are doing great and there all boys good luck with your doggies 😁

      • Huh

        His costs are ridiculous and inaccurate

    • Nicole Tarbuck

      Several of those costs are off and could be reduced or even eliminated. Also, you forgot to include the cost of showing as any ethical breeder only breeds winners.

    • Huh

      Eddie I have no idea where you got those prices but your waaay off lol first of all dog washes are $15 most have coupons and that’s your own option you can just as well wash it at home. Idk what your feeding your dog at $5,200 a year but it must be one hell of a steak. 5k for a male 6k for a female? Must be from Pluto bc around here their $2,500-$3,000 a large inside crate run $60 at Ross dress for less and collars…? Did you really add that in? M chips are $15 and if your vet checks are $750 each you should probably look for a new vet as the vet fee is $60 plus whatever is being done tests ect. My EB was purchased for 3k I got him from someone who couldn’t handle his active personality I laid $500 at 3 1/2 months old he’s an awesome dog but the point is your pricing is way exaggerated to the point I’m asking myself what planet do you live on?

      • Kim

        Huh?  Well you are lucky where you live.  English bulldogs go for 4k to 13k where I live. Yes washings are cheaper, but I spend over 1800 a year on my dogs. You will never get an English here for less then 3k here and that’s from the back of a truck.

        • Daniel

          Were is that state at or city i have a female blue ribbon family going to have pupps next year

        • JS

          Kim I agree.  EB’s price can vary drastically $3K – $20K believe it or not.  It really depends on color, bloodline, structure if anyone cares about that stuff.  Some people do.  It’s the difference of buying a purse from Ross or wanting a Chanel purse.  Same item, but prices vary drastically.  We have a chocolate tri EB AKC registered that we purchased with breeding right for $7k and that was a deal since our breeder/friend had an offer in for her for $9k. The price of food can be high…steak?? Yes, we feed our bulldog a raw diet which consists of steak, organs, chicken, fruits and veggies.  It’s all about preference.  Some people don’t mind a purse from Ross because it serves its purpose for a more affordable price. Some people prefer the Chanel purse.  Who are we to judge a person’s taste.

      • richie

        sorry, i have to agree that the prices you posted are highly exaggerated. I don’t want to say anything negative but its hard not to throw my little bit of 2 cents in.. its just the numbers are EXTREMELY high! theres other alternatives that work just as fine for less then half the price, I think your yearly total can put my kid thru a year and a half of college.

      • Jefff

        I’ve had severally dogs they cost me at most 5k per year, and 2-6k to purchase.

    • Jefff

      Mate you must be some kinda rich cow 🐄 cuz 20k plus is way to much. You guys don’t needa treat your dogs like there the queen of England, make your life easier and choose the cheaper option.

  • Rene

    Can someone explain to me breeding rights? I have bred my AKC with a non AKC bulldog, the insemination was $1200 down south in texas. This is going to be my first liter, any recommendations? I already read how intensive the puppies will have to be looked at for when they are born. Just need help at how much I can actually sell the pups for even though I wouldnt really want to, because I know Ill get too attached to them.

    • Dan Weese

      I can try and help. Usually when referring to “breeding rights” we’re talking about whether you allow someone to breed the puppy they’ve purchased from you. Of course, you could never stop a person from breeding the puppy they got from you, but you can stop them from registering the resulting litter of puppies. On a puppy’s registration paper there is a small box with an assigned number in it. If you conceal this number, the person who purchased the puppy could never register future litters produced by this puppy. Since the Sire of your litter is not registered, the puppies from this litter will not be registered either. In this case breeding rights are not applicable. There are many factors that go into deciding a fair price for your puppies. The most important factor may be the health and conformation of the parents and the puppies.

      • Rene

        Dan, thank you so much! One last question. My bulldog had 10 beautiful puppies on Wednesday 10/14/15, they only told me that only 8 survived and the other 2 didnt make it, that they were mummified. Were they supposed to show them to me or should I just believe them? What do I do, your help is much appreciated, me and my wife love your website.

        • Dan Weese

          Sorry to hear about those two. That does happen sometimes. I’ve never heard the term “mummified” before, but we’ve had a “water puppy” before. You could have asked to see them if you were there during the procedure, but it doesn’t worry me they didn’t show you. Hopefully you have a vet you feel is trustworthy. If you doubt their professionalism you could ask to be present during the procedure or maybe find another vet. Congratulations on 8 awesome puppies! Bet you guys are working hard! Keep me informed and don’t hesitate to message on facebook if I can help you with any further advice 🙂

    • Ewing Ross

      Use our Akc stud next time.
      He been proven 2 times and 3rd liter due.
      Five pups first litter
      Seven pups second litter
      Unborn on third litter
      He’s blue d/d triple
      B/b chocolate carrier
      He’s produced full chocolate
      Full blue
      ONE silver and white
      Short stocky
      Blue nose
      (918) 855-1991

  • Mary

    We just put a deposit down on a $2,800 perfect piebald (dark brindle) girl with breding rights.  We have been looking off and on for years dor a bulldog, but could never find one that felt right.  Beware an Old English bulldogge is a bulldog crossed with a pit, an american bulldog or whatever.

    We realized this week that we can’t find the perfect bulldog because we weren’t stepping up in class.  This girl has champion blood lines, etc.  The sire is the most gorgeous bulldog I have ever laid eyes on. We will pick her up in October.  Even two months ago I would never have thought I would pay this much for a dog, and Now I can’t believe I considered spending less.  I am so glad we waited and did this right.

    (Our last 2 dogs have been free/rescues, so I’m o.k. With getting a pure bred dog this time)

    • Mel

      Oldes are way better

  • Douglas

    We just purchased a mini English bulldog female akc registered is there anything that I should know in particular to providing any special care that she needs and is there anything I should know about breeding of these dogs even though I won’t breed her until she is at least 3 yrs old

    • Dan Weese

      As far as care goes, the biggest things right away will be keeping the folds and the ears clean. There are a couple of pages you need to see. This page is all about english bulldog care

      Here’s an article we wrote for those thinking to breed their Bulldog.

      • Jefff

        I have a question for you EB breeders. Do you live on big properties, like a couple of acres or just have a medium size suburban back yard? Also do you get a vet to help deliver the pups, if so does the vet come to your house or do you bring the mother to them.?
        If would be hugely appreciated if Dan you could reply ASAP!!

        • Dan Weese

          We’ve lived both with smaller fenced in yards as well as a much larger property of 6+ acres. We make an appointment to visit with our vet for all services.

  • Candace

    Hi, I just want to thank you for the info on this site. I was researching whether bullies can swim as we just put in a pool. So far Rooney (named after an English soccer player) is curious and gets anxious when we are in it but he has not jumped in because we tell him no. I just wanted to say that I was lucky to get mine from a private breeder for $1600 in 2008. When I first started searching I had contacted the breeder who advertised $2400 but it was too much for us. Three months went by, still searching, I had this strange feeling that made me call the breeder and just so happens she had 2 of the 9 left and because they were already 12 weeks old I negotiated a better price. When we got there (my husband, son and daughter too went with me), this cutest little thing came up to me and started nibbling on my foot. That was it, fate I said, we take this guy. And since that day he has been my shadow. We had him neutered because we wanted a pet and didn’t want to deal with the effects. Everywhere we go strangers come up to ask to pet him, such a star.

    For those who are thinking of cheap buys, our neighbour, after seeing ours, bought one and that ended up to be a nightmare. Cherry eye, very low body weight, small head. Doesnt look much like a bully. Make sure you research the breeder. Talk to them, and make sure you keep in contact with them so you can find out about health issues with the rest of the litter. So far we have been fortunate, but taking care of bullies require time and lots of effort!

    Again thanks for the informative website. I got you

    • Dan Weese

      Thank you, Candace for the amazing compliments! Bulldogs are just so special and they truly are a star to everyone they meet. I love your story! That’s what it’s all about. So glad you got a great deal and a healthy Bulldog. Stop by our facebook page and share a photo or two of your bully!

  • terry

    3640 Kinter Hill Road

    I see many sites which emphasize “rare colors.”  They charge more for stud and much more for puppies.  Listen to Debbie.  These colors are disqualifying colors.  The dogs can not be shown.  I have read many of the comments on this site.  I must tell you that I bought my first bulldog for $600 and she was beautiful.  Her pedigree was a who’s who of bulldogs.  However, that was in 1983.  These days the price is between $2000 and $4000.  You must have conversations with the breeder before buying.  You must have a guarantee that spans years, not days.  You need to get references and check them out.  Your going to spend a lot of money.  Don’t make a mistake trying to get a good deal.  Once you have a bulldog you’ll never want any other breed.  There is a dog heaven, and the bulldogs are all saints.

    • Janelle

      I totally agree with you to really research the breeder. We got the cutest white Bully 9 years ago. I feel like I rescued this poor puppy. She was leaving in filth. I told my husband I can’t leave her there and dealt with what we had to. On our way home she started throwing up and had diarrhea. We immediately went to the emergency vet and $500 later she pulled thru it. I immediately called the breeder and demanded the $500 for the vet bill or I would report her to Akc. She paid it of course. She is the most lovable dog we have ever had. 2 eye surgeries a hernia surgery and we just wanted a pet so we had her spayed. It’s a shame she would have made an excellent mama. So buyer beware of breeders that are just in it for the money.  Expensive lesson learned. She has become one our family members and wouldn’t trade her for anything.

  • Jane fuller

    I am interested in buying a puppy. Do you have any available at this time. I looked,at,your website and your dogs are beautiful. Can you send me pictures of any available puppies.

    • Dan Weese

      Hey Jane. We are expecting at least one litter this July. Keep an eye on the website for updates.

  • Debbie Lemons

    That’s absolutely too bad you have not done your homework enough and read the standard or you would have had a different comment regarding non-standard colors.  Before endorsing colors that are highly undesirable and dudley’s which are a DQ and Lilac’s, purple or whatever the ridiculous name they are calling them with their orange, yellow and green eyes (much like the pitbulls they are crossing with) which are not even mentioned in the standard or a color that can be registered you should do your homework.  It is an absolute travesty and total disregard for the breed, the history of the breed, breed type and the breed standard to endorse these non-standard colors.  Doing so is totally offensive to any reputable breeder who breeds with the integrity of this breed.  Unfortunately with all your hyped website which does have some good information and some information that is totally off base you are no better then the backyard breeders and millers who have no regard for the breed, just the money that fills their pockets. 

    What health testing are you doing on your dogs?  I find it amazing that people talk about all the horrible health issues and yet no one seeks out reputable breeders who are health testing.  If you are not breeding with the best interest of the breed in mind, Not breeding to the breed standard, Not having reputable breeders or judges evaluating your dogs for breed type, Not health testing and submitting those test to OFA then you are breeding simply for the money.

  • Pam

    What a lot of people new to the world of english bulldogs. Have no grasp of the english bulldog is very popular. The breeder Dan seems to be an honest person whom is really trying to educate the public. Which has no idea just how bad some people are.  For money. Puppy mills exist because no matter what the mom or dad parent looks like or how unhealthy they are.  Their babies are puppies !! Cute and not showing just how unhealthy they are !!  And pet stores want to sell puppies !  They don’t care where they come from. There are actually huge puppy mills out there that breed thousands of puppies a year !  Then some breeders are almost as bad !  Because they are willing to breed any bulldog and ignore what they are doing to the health of the breed !  And unless you are breeding 30 females a year. Then it’s really hard to make enough of an income. That’s exactly why hobby breeders only interested in breeding a better healthier bulldog are really who we need to support. If a breeder can’t show you the mom and dad. Don’t buy from that breeder ! Period. A lot of breeders sign up buyers as co owners. Then the co owner breeds puppies for the breeder and the breeder sells the puppies as their own puppies !! And you might think that’s ok but understand this. A volume breeder may have 50 co owners out there breeding puppies with or without experience. So the breeders takes 2 to 4 puppies from the co owner. The co owner must cover all the costs. The breeder turns 50 co owners into 100 to 200 extra puppies to sell and it costs the breeders zero!!  Do your homework !  No matter what the breeder says they need to text you pictures of the mom feeding the puppy u want to buy. And the parents. Then you meet the parents. And verify the akc papers the breeder gives you to prove he alone bred that puppy. Or you run !!  There is a huge amount of money involved and a ton of bad breeders looking to scam you. Also please check rescues !!!  The rescue knows the health of the bulldogs they have. And those wonderful adults are usually house broken. And no dog can love you like a bulldog. And the rescues will make sure you are a good match. And know more than you about bulldogs.

  • Tony

    Hello Dan,
    I just found your site and thank you so much for posting such good honest information on the EB. I have always loved EB but was never able to justify spending $2000.00 or more for a dog. After getting my 1st girl 16 months ago I keep thinking how you could never put a price on the love and companionship she has offered our family. I did do allot of research and believe me when I tell you I am a firm believer in “you get what you pay for”. I payed $3,000+ for my dog with certified bloodlines and want to take a minute to clear up something that everybody has asked about health issues. It seems to me that if you shop for a low cost puppy mill EB then you are just asking for trouble, this breed has been over bread for several years leading to weaker bloodlines and no attention being paid to the genetics of the dog. back yard/puppy mills will take a female with known health issues and continue to breed as many puppies as possible. No reputable breeder would ever let that happen. We are expecting our first littler after doing several tests on our dog and also looking into the right stud for her. I hope to be posting more as I continue to experience all the joy this breed brings. If cost is the final factor for someone looking for a dog I would personally tell you to look at another breed.

    • Tony

      I just wanted to give an update. 3 days ago we had our first litter, needless to say I am sleep deprived. We have 9 yeah 9 beautiful healthy happy puppies. Mom is doing great! Thank you for all the information you have shared with us. I am working on getting a website put up now and hope you do not mind me pointing to your site.

      • Dan Weese

        Congratulations Tony! Wow! 9! No sleep is hard, but it’s worth it in this case. Have fun and let me know if you ever need advice. – Dan

  • Mike

    Im curious how you feel about rare color bulldogs? Are the recognized by the AKC? I have owned two bulldogs in the past and have been a bully lover my whole life, but I have just recently saw a breeder with “lilac” colored dogs. My family is in search for a new puppy but I’m suspect about these. Any thoughts?

    • Dan Weese

      As far as I know those rare colors are not yet recognized by the AKC. I have no reason to be suspect of health, temperament or conformation of these Bulldogs. We love the lilac colored Bulldogs. Super good looking dogs.

      • Mike

        Thanks! I’m not interested in breeding our new dog, I just wanted to make sure the rare color breeding didn’t mess with their health of temperament.

  • Erin

    They look like great dogs and I have been looking on & off over the past year for one under $1,000. My husband really wants one, but I don’t see paying that much for a dog. People post/talk about good blood lines, costs of breeding, and papers.  I cannot understand why people spend that much money for the dog in the first place then turn around and spend even more for all their medical issues.  I feel for that much money I should be able to write the dog off on my taxes!!!! It’s ridiculous.  Seems to me breeders will charge ridiculous prices because people unlike me will pay ridiculous amounts for a fur baby.  I love my dogs as my own children. They are great dogs and I didnt have to pay over $500 for them 🙂

    • Amanda Williams

      You shouldn’t have to. I wouldn’t. I don’t know what puppy mills look like and I don’t want to. I have an English due in 2weeks and can’t wait. Our vets are ready and don’t charge that high a price. I would hate to live where they do

    • stacy

      Finding an EB for just 1000 is lucky and I say that because it was luck for me when i got mine for 1000. They wanted 1500 and she was the last one.

  • Stephen

    Uh, there’s a bunch of vidoes on YouTube of Bulldog mothers giving birth. I think this is probably a veterinary scam.

    • Dan Weese

      One of those videos are mine though. It’s only a scam until you find yourself with a pregnant female whose puppies got stuck in the birth canal. This is the real deal. No, not all puppies will get stuck and I sometimes hear of females giving birth naturally, but it’s just not something we want to risk.

  • Deborah

    Hello Dan,

    I am picking up my new English Bulldog pup and my family is so excited. Your website has helped me tremendously in caring for my pup. To help those folks who are looking at those $600.00 sites let me say STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM. Before finding our pup I searched the website day and night 1, 2, 3 times a day. I saw the pups on find puppy.com and etc for $600.00 I started to communicate with the person and it is such a scam. First, they take for ever to email you back and when they do it is a cut and paste remarks with information you did not ask. you will find that you “question” is not totally answered..so first red flag. Next the picture of the puppies I seen on other sites where the prices start at $2,000.00 and you can speak with a real live person to get information. And last, my last email to the $600.00 “rip you off puppy site” was a conversation about when I get the dog and some other questions, well I was referred over to a fake doctor. The scam artist will use a nice family picture to their website so you think those are the folks you are communicating with. I learned the truth by stumbling on a site with people to complained and tried to warn people to stay away from such site. Everything they wrote I experienced and the blessing was that I sent them no money because I was investigaing the best pup to get. Once I learned of the truth I went back to my email and blasted them hard, needless to say I did not hear back from them. So, on 4-1-15 I will be flying from PA to FL to get my well breed dog who father is a Champanion Breed show dog. It did cost me $2,500, flight not included but it gives me a piece of mine knowing that I have the best dog for my family and I know what I am getting. Also, I am in constant contact with the breeder. So take heed!Oh and Dan, I will be referring to your site a lot. Thank you!

    • Dan Weese

      Deborah, I’m so glad you found your way through all of the deceit. You have certainly done your homework. Thanks for visiting our site so often and congratulations on finding your new puppy!

      • Amanda Williams

        What about the ones who areselling that price. I amjust charging for the price of veterinary bills. My pearl was given as a gift to me by my son and I would like to give back. She is not a puppy mill dog.She’s very loved by alland her health and happiness is the most important to us .putting a price tag on puppies is not.

    • stacy

      I contact a person about an Eb for 600, 1st they were not even in the state that the post said they where in. They would only text and when you tried to called you would get a recording. So I asked why won’t you answer the phone, the person said that the phone isn’t working. The person sent me a email with the petair information. Stating that I send them 600 and they will fly the Eb to me in a hour. They where in GA and I was CA. How that gonna happen. The number that the person gave me to call airpet was on another post on the same website.

  • Lyndee

    I Have 1 EB. 3 Yrs Old Due For Her First Litter Of Pups. I Am Excited But Was Nervous Because It Is My First Time As A Breeder. I paid 3,000 From A Great Breeder W/Breeding Rights, That Was A Great Price For This Amazing Girl. Those Who Want An EB Need To Visit This Site Just To See How Much Money And Time Goes Into Breeding; Vet Visits, C-Section etc.. No Real Health Problems So Far My EB Has Only Had Cherry Eye Once, And She Was a few lbs Over Weight Once.. That’s it.  I Use Special Solution For Her Ears Which Is A Bit Pricey But Only For Maintenance, They Cost A Bit Of Money To Buy But Worth Every Penny. Not Only Is This Breed Beautiful, All EB’s I’ve Know Are Amazing Pups And Loving. Thank You, Sending People Here For The Great Information.

  • Lyndee

    I Have 1 EB. 3 Yrs Old Due For Her First Litter Of Pups. I paid $2,800 W/Breeding Rights, That Was A Great Price For This Amazing Girl. Those Who Want An EB Need To Visit This Site Just To See How Much Money And Time Goes Into These Dogs Even If You Dont Plan To Breed; Special Diets, Frequent Vet Visits, This Breed Also Has A Few Health Risks. Hips, Breathing Are Common Ones. It’s Big Money From The Get-Go. This Webiste Has Helped Me,.And Saved Me From Explaning To Others Why The Price Is So High. Not Only Is This Breed Beautiful, All EB’s I’ve Know Are Amazing Pups And Loving. Thank You, Sending People To This website For Sure.

  • Amanda

    Thank you for this post. We are currently raising our first litter of English Bulldog puppies. I can relate and vouch that everything on this post is true for our experience as well. Financially we have already spent thousands of dollars so far on this littler and I still have vet appointments for shots later this week. We have also spent hundreds of dollars on advertising in the newspaper and building a website.  I currently spend hours everyday taking care of our puppies between playing, taking them out to potty, feeding them, washing their blankets on a daily basis, and cleaning up after them. For the first few days after they were born I stayed up with them all night to make sure they were fed every two hours. My boyfriend and I also took off a total of two weeks (I took week 1 and he took week2) off of work so we could be with them round the clock.  I absolutely love it and it has been so rewarding. English bulldogs are the best pet ever and ours are a part of our family.

  • Carissa

    His prices are actually fair and if you find a bulldog under 2000 then that’s fine but that may not be a full English bull dog you can be looking at a olde bulldog or any kind of mix bulldog .. Soo if you are actually interest in looking for a English bull dog and want a good line then do you’re research and if money is a problem get a different dog . And stop complaining.

    • stacy

      You can’t say if you find a bulldog under 2000 then its not full bulldog. I have a full blooded EB and I only paid 1000 for her. Don’t get me wrong yes EB are costly, but you can find a quality EB for the right price. And no I am not talking about 600.

  • Debbie Johnson

    Hi, yes with the normal stuff plus the higher end food and of course my older girl has had 2 intestinal blockages so she had to have 2 surgeries to the tune of $4000 each!  Thank goodness for good pet health insurance.  I have Petfirst Healthcare and beleive me they have not made any money off my two.  But anything I have spent is totally worth it.  Love my girls sooo much!

    • Dan Weese

      They’re sweet looking. Thank goodness is right. We would be living in a shoe box if we had health troubles like this. By the way I didn’t mean to come off like if someone’s dog has health issues it’s their fault. Sometimes these things just happen I know. Your bulldogs are lucky to have you Debbie 🙂

  • Debbie Johnson

    Hi I have 2 EB of my own.  Pooh will be 14 years old next week and Winnie is almost 7 years old.  I have had them since they were both 7 weeks old.  So I know a little about them too.  I just want to say I love this website.  It is very informational and educative about EB.  If I was in the market to purchase another EB I would definitely consider this breeder.  You get what what you pay for and I am sure your babies are much healthier than one you could buy for $600.  EB are an investment.  The initial price tag is just a fraction of what you will spend over their lifetime.

    • Dan Weese

      Debbie, thanks so much for all of those compliments! We put a lot of work into this site and I’m glad you like it. Pooh is 14 years old! Wow it sounds like you do an awesome job taking care of your bullies! I don’t know that I agree completely with what you said about the initial price being only a fraction of what you’ll pay throughout your bulldog’s lifetime though. I mean yes, if you get a bulldog from a bad gene pool your bills will be unending, but we’ve never had that problem with our bullies. I have to believe that for those who are diligent about finding a reputable breeder with healthy dogs it’s more typical not to have a bunch of vet bills throughout the dog’s life. On my end we’ve seen a couple of cherry eyes, but nothing any more serious than that. Of course, I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself….. maybe you were only referring to the normal health checks, vaccinations, and grooming services over the life of the dog. In that case I definitely agree with you. If you don’t have the money for the initial purchase price of a dog, you probably won’t have the money to care properly for him in the future either. Debbie, thanks again for the compliments. Hey, you should totally upload a photo or two of Pooh and Winnie (love the names) to our Show Us Your Bully page so we can all meet them!

  • James Scanlan

    So what’s a fair price to pay for a good bulldog with no health issues?

    • Puppylover1012

      The highest price for a bulldogs is 3,777 and more

    • Tom Johnson

      If you do not want a show quality puppy $1500-2000 is a fair price for a well-bred puppy. Research is the key. You want to buy from reputable breeders first and foremost. You will find those under the Bulldog of America pages. For show puppies, only contact breeders with a solid record in the ring. Most of them can direct you if they don’t have puppies.

  • dan weese

    Clayton trust me, you don’t want to look for a puppy on those sites you mentioned in your comment! Those sites are notorious for scamming people blind. Trying to find a reputable breeder from the likes of puppyfind.com is nearly impossible! Go ahead and do some research on those sites and you’ll see just how badly people are being cheated. Not to mention the poor animals being used and abused by puppy mills and stores. Really, if you care about animals at all you should just steer clear. By the way, you make it sound as if what we’re doing is wrong or the price we sell our puppies for is not fair. Considering the quality of puppies we produce and all the time and effort we apply, I know the price is fair and justified. Actually, I’m sure you already know we can charge a trillion dollars if we prefer and there won’t be any laws broken.

  • Clayton

    I guess what I still don’t get is how lots of breeder can offer their puppies for as low as 600 and some including you can be anywhere from 2000 to 5000 and more. Everything made sense here that I read, but something isn’t adding up if you ask me. My family and I have been searching for a little while now and see puppies just as nice as yours for way less. I see them on websites like hoobly and puppyfind.com if anybody wants to check these guys out and save yourself some money.

    • Sarah Kato

      If you see a pure breed AKC English Bulldog $600 it’s probably a scam.  Even unregistered english bulldogs go for about $1500. I would steer clear of those as well.  Breeders that actually breed healthy dogs are going to run you $2200-4000 pet puppy. Your paying for quality breeding versus a back yard breeder that will sell you a pup that will more than likely have major health issues down the line.

      • Anna Torres

        Exactly! i completely agree with you on that, I got my english bulldog pup, Kona, for 2,000 dollars but only because my family is very very good friends with the breeders. My pup only had a sister no other siblings as well and I heard she was about 2,500. My pup is also almost all white except for his little brown nub of a tail.

    • Joni

      Hi Clayton – I too looked at some of those sites when first considering our Bulldog puppy.  What they don’t tell you is that these people are sometimes puppy mills – and the pics you see of cute healthy bulldogs aren’t necessarily what you will receive – almost guaranteed.  They won’t let you come take a look at their facilities or guarantee anything about these pups and then I read the horror stories about people who purchased them and spent tons of money on vet bills – only to end up losing their puppy, which would be the most heartbreak of all to put down a puppy due to health reasons. I asked for additional pics of the pups from birth from a couple of these sites and not one of these sites seemed to have these pics – telling me that they don’t even have the puppy in the picture.  What you want to look for are local small family breeders who aren’t in it for the publicity or the money – who socialize their pups and aren’t afraid to meet with you and let you see how the pups interact with each other, older dogs, and the family.  Depending on where you live, you should be able to find someone – keep looking until you do.

    • Desiree

      My fiance and I raise EB and we just adore them. We build a connection with every single one of our EB. If you are finding an EB for $600 there is something wrong. Inbreeding, cross breeding, scam, or not able to register them is more than likely what is happening here. I would never sell my pups for $600 and expect them to go to good homes. Nor would I ever purchase a pup for $600 and expect to get a good, healthy, quality EB.

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