Bulldog Puppies Available For Sale Now

Bulldog Puppies For Sale

English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

Hey everyone………In case you haven’t heard, we recently made our new litter of Bulldog puppies available for sale. Cally gave us 7 babies on Oct 23rd and what a surprise that was! Looking at her belly a few days before going in for the c-section at Animal Clinic Northview we expected around 4-6 puppies so we were definitely thrown for a loop this time. Look at our handsome little guy Smokey posing for the camera on the left. Let me tell you these puppies are turning out amazing!!

Take a Look at Our English Bulldog Puppies For Sale 

Puppies For Sale – Well Worth The Wait

Following the link above you’ll get a quick look at the remaining Bulldog puppies we have for sale and some more info on this current litter. I say “remaining puppies” because right after we placed the puppies for sale a couple of families who had been waiting on this litter snatched two of our puppies up quickly. We’re always pleased to provide such wonderful families with a puppy  especially after they’ve been patiently waiting for as long as 6 months. I’m sure it can seem so much easier to just go out to find a breeder who has puppies 365 days out of the year and possibly lower standards for his breeding program, but these families trusted and waited patiently with us. Their patience will soon pay off as these families are about to be transformed with the addition of a beautiful new Bulldog puppy.

About Purchasing One Of Our Bulldog Puppies For Sale

All of our puppies for sale come with a 2 year health guarantee. Each puppy, when received by you, comes up to date on all vaccinations and is health certified by our Veterinarian. Let me go on and brag a minute about our guarantee. First of all, you’ll notice most other breeders only offer a 1 year guarantee. Most incredible I think is that in 7 years we’ve never had to honor our guarantee. Our puppies are notoriously healthy and we plan to keep it this way. However, we are always prepared to make good on our promise in the unfortunate event a puppy should die.

More About Our Health Guarantee Applicable To All English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

Bulldog Puppies For Sale On Facebook 

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page(I guess it’s the cool thing to do these days) for updates about our bulldog puppies for sale! We love taking pictures and video of our puppies for the short time we have them in our home! If we get some good ones you’ll definitely see them on Facebook first and then on our website. It’s so much easier to add pics of our puppies to Facebook than our website, so you might see that updated a bit more frequently. Hey, thanks so much for catching up with me about our English Bulldog Puppies For Sale!  

Call or Message Us and Of Course You Can Come See The Puppies!

If you think you might want more info about our available puppies just Contact Me. I prefer phone calls, but I have no problem if you would like to message me on Facebook.

Can I Trust This Bulldog Breeder?

By the way…… a lot of people ask, ” can we come and see the puppies before we make a deposit?” Of course you can see the puppy first! We would never encourage anyone to buy a puppy without first meeting him/her. More importantly though is the need for you to meet us, to make sure you can trust us, and that you’re comfortable with our breeding program. Google search: RedWhiteandBulldogs.Com and Our Name: Dan and Katie Weese! Heck, do a background check on us. Make sure you are buying your puppy from decent people who love and respect their pets. These steps are crucial in protecting your investment as well as in doing right by the puppies your considering purchasing.

See You Soon!

Dan @ RedWhiteandBulldogs.Com