Celebrities Love Their Bulldogs!

Today, the English Bulldog is certainly one of the most sought after pets in the United bulldogStates. In fact, the American Kennel Club has reported a continual rise in the amount of registrations being completed of this breed for the last 50 years. English Bulldog Registration ranking has gone from 21st in the year 2000, 16th in 2003, all the way up to 5th in 2013! What an astounding increase in popularity! But, why? Well, there’s no scientific method for determining the answer, but we think it’s simple.

From Our Clothes To Our Pets…We Want To Be Like The Stars!

Yes, we would bet the Bulldog’s climb to fame can be attributed to a simple change in the culture. Think about it, an overwhelming amount of Celebrities, Music Artists and Professional Athletes prefer the Bulldog over any other breed. Acutally, a combination of French and English Bulldogs, are ranked the #1 most popular dog in Los Angeles, California according to the AKC. Sports Stars and Celebrities can have anything they desire at the snap of a finger. They demand the best and they obviously consider the Bulldog to be the perfect fit for their “best friend.” Which celebs own Bulldogs? Leonardo DiCaprio, Reese Witherspoon, David Beckham, Ashley Olsen, Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Martha Stewart and Adam Sandler to name just a few.

    Bulldog Popularity: More Explanations.

bulldog popularForget the Movie Stars for a minute. I couldn’t believe my ears the first time I heard the Bulldog is the 3rd most popular team mascot for schools in America in all time!? It’s incredible! 39 colleges and nearly a thousand high schools consider the Bulldog as their choice representative on the field! It makes perfect since really. Bulldogs posses so much of the raw character and pride sports teams all over the country have always wanted to be associated with.

Can You Think Of  a Few TV Commercials With a Bulldog In It? I Can!

Successful marketing firms everywhere have also entrusted a Bulldog to the significant duty of campaigning on television, magazines and the internet on behalf of their products! From dog food to car insurance you undoubtedly have seen more than a few ads featuring a short and stalky, big headed, Bulldog scouring the airways. There’s a clear reason these companies are so often using Bullies in their advertising campaigns. It’s simply because of that undeniably cute “face only a mother could love.”

Bulldogs Fit So Nicely Into Our Busy Lives.

One more reason Bulldogs are climbing the charts in popularity may be the fact that we live in such a “hurry up” time period. The English Bulldog is a very low maintenance animal making him fit right in with our fast paced new world. Think about it; people often microwave food for their meals now rather than cooking in a conventional oven; they text while driving(sorry to say); and there are upwards of $41,000,000 in speeding tickets paid in America each year! Good Grief! We are in a hurry people! Pet seekers are often turned off to the idea of walking their dog two to three times per day. They just don’t have time for it. Plus, a Bulldog just has so much character. Who can resist that wrinkly face and enormous head?

We’ve designed this site to provide all sorts of helpful information concerning issues on this incredibly popular dog like; health and medical issues bulldogs face, general information about the breed and many other in-depth topics. Our website even comes equipped with an excellent Bulldog Q&A that is sure to help you better understand the amazing Bulldog breed. Our most favorite thing about the Bulldog Q&A is that you get to stick your nose in other people’s conversations. Just kidding. I’m not talking about being nosey. I just mean it’s a great opportunity as a perspective new Bulldog owner, or as a current Bulldog owner to get an inside look at the many exciting things as well as some challenges surrounding the life of real bulldog owners everywhere. We’re constantly adding useful info to our website and I believe there is something here for everyone who has ever owned or who may be thinking about bringing an English Bulldog into their lives.

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