In Search of Cheap Bulldog Pup.

Recently, English Bulldogs have become one of the most desired dog breeds in the nation! Still, the Bulldog, is not the most common pet you’ll see in homes across America. This due in part because of the high sticker price breeders place on their puppies. Nonetheless, because of the English Bulldog’s skyrocketing popularity in the pet world, people continue searching newspaper ads and the internet for a “cheap english bulldog puppy for sale”. Let me tell you, that phrase is an incredibly common one used on Yahoo and Google search engines by people just like you looking for an awesome Bulldog at a “low price”.

Scam Artists Target Those in Search of Cheap Bulldogs

Where to Find a “Cheap English Bulldog.” 

Cheap Bulldog Puppy For Sale

Who You Callin’ Cheap!

You’ve probably heard the saying “you get what you pay for” right? Go looking for a cheap Bulldog and that’s exactly what you’ll find. Take it from me; I meet new people nearly every week who purchased their first Bulldog for around $500 from some website like puppy or hoobly. Sadly, some even go into Amish Country or into a known puppy mill in hopes of saving some cash.

F.Y.I Our Bulldog Puppies start at $2,500 which you’ll find is the mean price among reputable breeders. Near the end of this article we’ll reveal your best bet at finding a low priced Bulldog.

- -Daniel Weese

The breeder or pet store always makes the claim,  “our puppies have champion blood lines”(don’t they all) and is AKC registered. Those words may be reassuring at first, but when you see the poor animal in person, you’ll very likely begin to question whether you’re looking at a common Beagle or an actual English Bulldog. By this point you’ve no doubt already emptied your wallet for this puppy and there’s no turning back. It’s sad that half the people I meet who have a “cheap Bulldog” don’t even know what they’re missing. The differences in the animal’s build, weight, conformation and temperament are extremely evident. Ears that don’t set right on the head, long legs and a protruding snout are just a few undesirable characteristics that you might see on the cheap bulldog. 

Please don’t think it’s all about the low price. This can all happen even if you’ve shelled out up to $4,000. To learn more about what a Bulldog should look like and how to avoid the pitfalls of a cheap bulldog read: English Bulldog AKC Standard

Low Cost Bulldogs Cost Much More

We mustn’t glorify a low price to be more important than the puppy’s health. Often times these lower priced Bulldogs don’t come from the healthiest of gene pools. In fact, most come from a breeder who simply doesn’t care about the health of his puppies. Ever heard the term, “backyard breeder?” The guy advertising his “cheap bulldogs” will breed even the most sickly of dogs. His top priority is fattening his bank account. These backyard breeders, puppy mills and pet stores mean only to make the sale while throwing the welfare of the puppy and the buyer to the wayside. You may not be able to spot any health problems on the outside of your “cheap English bulldog”, but it’s likely you’ll pay every penny to keep up with all the health problems on the inside. Common ailments associated with low cost Bulldog Puppies are heart murmurs, skin problems, hip dysplasia, allergies etc. Trust me, you won’t be saving yourself any money going with a “cheap” Bulldog.

Have I made my point about Cheap Bulldogs yet?

Think about why you fell in love with the English Bulldog in the first place. The first time you ever laid eyes on the Bulldog, he was probably strutting his stuff in a popular kids movie or on a bag of dog food. Point is, the Bulldogs you’ve seen were considered some of the best in quality and were picked to play their part in advertisements and movies because of their incredible conformation. These Bulldogs don’t come cheap. Somewhere, some responsible breeder poured their love and time into that Bulldog and he could never afford to let his puppy go for such a low price. That’s the Bulldog you love and want as your next pet, but unfortunately you just won’t find him for $500 or even $1,000 anywhere. What you’ll end up with is an often times unhealthy and very poor looking (more of a “mut”) pet. Sitting in obedience class with all the other Bulldogs your dog just won’t belong. It’s then that you’ll finally see where you’ve gone wrong.

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Please understand, I’m not blaming anyone for looking for a deal and shopping around. I applause you for looking for the best price, but please be careful about who and what you are supporting. You don’t want to be a contributor to the harm of this breed. The Bulldog and animals of all kinds need our help in the fight against abuse.

Your Best Chance For a Cheap Bulldog

Don’t forget to check the following Rescue Centers for Bulldogs: Ohio Rescue Centers For Bulldogs, Illinois Bulldog Rescue, Indiana Bulldog Rescue! Search online and on Facebook for a Bulldog rescue nearest you. These Non-Profit Rescue Centers can’t give their Bulldogs out for free because of the cost incurred for rehabilitation, but most times the price is $500 or lower. Please consider adopting a needy Bulldog from a Rescue Center near you. I hope this post was informative in explaining a little more about the complex English Bulldog breed. Please don’t cheat yourself and your family by settling for second best. In doing so you will not only hurt yourself, but on a much larger scale you will encourage the harm of these beautiful creatures we know as the English Bulldog. For more information about this awesome breed follow this link.

 English Bulldog Rescue Success Story



Annete Kraljev tells us she has successfully adopted a beautiful 2yr old English Bulldog from the No More Tears Rescue in Staten Island, New York! This is a wonderful rescue center started by Laura Flynn Amato to aid in helping all dogs who have suffered abuse in puppy mills. The goal of this center is to help these poor animals to become rehabilitated and find a forever home . Annete named her Rescue Bulldog Daisey and reports to us that she is a very loving Bully. Congratulations Annete and thank you for opening your home and heart to a needy Bulldog 🙂

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written by Daniel Weese @ Red White and Bulldogs