Yeast infection
">Yeast infection

Hi guys,my bullie has a yeast infection for 2 years now. We have been trying everything. The hair on her chest is all gone and is red raw. We had her on tablets from the vets but soon found out they were making her worse.we had her on an all protein diet which was mince.boiled eggs and seemed to have been working but we thought it was to bad to keep her on that diet.shes now on 90% protein nuts.she seems to be getting worse.please if there’s anyone who has the same problem,do you have any advice ??

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We had this problem for only a short time with our bully a couple of year ago now. Ours was on the chest and the belly and was being caused by grass and tree pollen. We lived in georgia and we’ve since moved to glendale arizona where there’s pretty much zero grass and trees around our home and parks. It sounds terrible that your bulldog has been dealing with this for two whole years! Hopefully someone else will see this and help!

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