Worse problems with solid white bullies
">Worse problems with solid white bullies

We are in the process of finding an Olde English Bulldogge to be a new addition to our family and I have found the most adorable white puppy with a patch over his eye. The only problem is a friend says her vet told her the white ones have extremely worse health problems. I have seen something with boxer bulldogs but is there any truth to this with the Olde English Bulldogges?


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Ok so even though I’ve never had a problem with this and it sounds to me like complete rubbish, I searched around and asked other owners about their experience. Simple answer: I found no real evidence that an all white bulldog, or in your case, a mostly white bulldog will be unhealthy. Most owners of white Bulldogs right away said this was not true in any sense with their bully. A couple people said they heard white bulldogs are prone to hearing loss or being completely deaf. Some said the hearing problems would only arise with puppies that are the result of two all white bulldogs being bred together. One other person said she believed a white bully can more easily get sunburned because of their skin pigment being more pink than other colored bulldogs. I found no consistency with those who participated in this topic.

The majority of those I asked about this phenomenon said this was all just a hoax and I wholeheartedly agree. I’m now left with a few questions: What’s the logic behind this topic? Maybe people are getting white Bulldogs confused with albino Bulldogs? I have Bulldogs that are mostly white and Bulldogs that have come from all white parents. I’ve noticed no difference in health status between them.

Now, you said you were looking a puppy with a patch over the eye and were worried because your vet said “the white ones have extremely worse health problems.” Since this puppy you’re interested in has a patch over his eye and is therefore not all white, is he still susceptible to worse health? How much white is too white?

I’m still convinced this is a sham. I’m prepared to be corrected. Can anyone prove otherwise?


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