Where should our 9 week old bulldog puppy sleep?
">Where should our 9 week old bulldog puppy sleep?

We got our bulldog puppy last week.  The first 2 nights, we didn’t have the crate together, so we brought her up into our bedroom and she slept in a dog bed on the floor beside our bed.  She woke up once in the middle of the night to be taken out and seemed fine other wise. The next few nights, we put her in the crate, but she cried quite a bit, so I ended up sleeping on the couch in our family room beside her and when she cried, I layed on the floor beside her and she seemed to calm right down.  Our vet recommended her sleeping in the crate, but we seemed to have better luck in the doggie bed beside us.  Any thoughts/advice on this?  Thanks!!!

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Congratulations on your new addition! The first few days are the hardest for sure. Sleeping next to her isn’t going to hurt. Actually, I’m sure it’s been helping you to bond with her. The only thing is that she’ll have to get used to being in the crate at some point unless there’s always someone home and she doesn’t need to be crated. My only concern with sleeping next to her or having her in the room she could get spoiled and having a spoiled dog in the house is not good in the long run. Spoiled dogs can develop bad behaviors that may not be able to be broken and cause problems with visitors or just family members in the house. Crying is normal in the crate, but this can be minimized by plenty of exercise before bed and shouldn’t last too long if you stick to it. After a week or 2 she should get used to it and be fine.

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