What is a fair price for a healthy and good looking bulldog?
">What is a fair price for a healthy and good looking bulldog?

I’m looking for a bulldog for my wife. I know I want a good quality one with no health issues and I want to get a good price, but am afraid if I pay too low that isn’t good either. So how much is the right price to pay for a bulldog puppy? I’ve seen them for as low as $500 all the way up to probably 5k. With such a wide range of prices what am I to do? thankyou for your help

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Good question. I’m not even sure how to answer that exactly, but I can say that the typical price you will pay for a quality English Bulldog is usually between 1,800 and 3,000. When I say “quality bulldog” I’m talking about a Bulldog who’s parents are physically healthy and a puppy with great conformation(looks the way a bulldog should). See English Bulldog AKC Standard for more details on how a Bulldog should look. Once you’ve read our page about the AKC Standard I’m sure you’ll be much more confident about purchasing a puppy. It’s important when buying a puppy your main concern is not the price; although that is important of course. Do a good check into the breeder as well to make sure they’re not crooks or abusing bulldogs in their Breeding practices. If something doesn’t look right with the breeders you should go elsewhere.

Also, you’re right to worry about paying too low of a price for your bulldog puppy. In my experience if the price is between 1,00o and 1,500 you may be getting a lesser quality bulldog(health, conformation). While a price lower than 1,200 may be a sign you’re dealing with an all out SCAM. These incredibly low prices for bulldogs are used as bait by scam artists fishing for free money. You want a fair price? Meet the breeder, check up on his business history, meet the Bulldog puppy’s parents and verify they’re in good health. Once you’ve done all these things I’m convinced whether you’ve paid two thousand, three, or even four thousand dollars for your puppy you will save money in the long run. – Dan

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