Smelly bulldog
">Smelly bulldog

Hi I have a male 5 year old bulldog, who is on the large side. He has recently over the last few weeks developed a very smelly face. We have been to the local vets who advised to just keep wiping with a damp cloth and then dry with a soft cloth and use a vas aline to keep the folds moist and it will go away. They said and I quote “its probably just dirt from him sniffing with his flat face?” He came to us when he was 3 with a misaligned jaw so his dental care is tricky. I have read other questions on here who am i right in thinking i should be using wipes and possibly coconut oil to attack his smell issues??

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I would maybe agree with your vet accept for the smell coming from the face. I’m with you in thinking that such a fowl smell must need more attention than just a simple baby wipe and vaseline right? If I were you I would start with something that can neutralize the infection like douxo or malacetic wipes as described in our Bulldog Care Page.  After using those, you could apply a small amount of coconut oil, vaseline, bacitracin, neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment. I mention all these options in case you already have some at home. I’ve recently been using the Douxo wipes more and more on the face because they’re so soft and other wipes can cause more irritation. Good luck and let me know about your results witch ever method you use.


Coconut oil is amazing for bulldogs. You should totally use it in the wrinkles for the smell. I’m with Dan though in thinking that you should just clean the folds first before rubbing it in. We did try both the malacetic wipes and the douxo pads for our bulldogs smelly face and tail but found that the douxo are better for us. I think the malacetic are a better value and stronger, but we keep on our bulldog’s fold cleaning needs so it never really gets so bad that we need the stronger malacetic.

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