runny stool coccidia
">runny stool coccidia

Hi Dan,

My 8 week Olde English Bulldogge has tested positive for coccidia.  She was given a course of Albon for 10 days… she is currently on day 6.  Within that time we took her to the vet, she was having EXPLOSIVE poo so we took her back to the vet & he gave her a shot to stop the diarrhea, some vitamins & another pill to help fight off bacteria infection.  She is on day 3 of those meds & day 6 of Albon.  We had switched her from Nutro Max (which was what the breeder had her on) to Orijen… because she kept having runny poo, vet thought that the Orijen puppy food had too much protein for her & wanted us to switch her back to Nutro.  I mixed half Nutro, half Orijen yesterday for her lunch & she still had runny poo… so from there, my husband & I decided to just give her chicken broth & rice to have her tummy calm down.  Do you know or have any experience with coccidia?  How long does it take before the diarrhea goes away?  I’ve read on almost every single website that talks about it, most people say that within 10 days it’s gone… but my poor baby doesn’t seem like she is anywhere near there.  It’s weird because sometimes when she is pooping, it starts off hard then ends with runny liquid poo.  She also got the deworming from the vet when we took her to get her shots.  I am beyond confused, I’m not sure what else I should do!  Please help!  Thank you!

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Yes, Albon is the standard treatment for Coccidia and is often carried in farmer’s market type stores. Nasty tasting stuff even for dogs. 10 days is about right for them to recover. The only thing I would encourage you to do is ask your vet to be sure this isn’t Giardia. Giardia is often found on the ground, near a water source, in soil or anywhere else that’s been in contact with feces. It’s most commonly found in dirty water. This too causes diarrhea like you mentioned. I know your vet already tested her positive for the Coccidia, but I’ve heard a false diagnosis is possible in this case. With that said; my only other advise would be for you to clean any areas like the kitchen floor, outside patio, dog’s cage that might be contaminated. Use clorox to clean with and be thorough. Keep all of the bedding and toys clean. That’s all I can think of. If you’ve already done these things I encourage you to just keep a good eye on her to make sure she continues to get lots of fluids and that she’s still eating. I wish you a lot of luck! Be sure to come back to this thread to let me know how she’s doing! – Dan

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