Red and smelly bulldog wrinkles/tail
">Red and smelly bulldog wrinkles/tail

My bulldog has started to get red and smelly in his wrinkles. The problem is mainly on his face in the rope above his nose, but he really, REALLY smells around his tail. This all started about a month ago. He is now 8 months old and we’ve had him since he was 8 weeks. We use blue buffalo brand dog food so I don’t feel like that could be the problem and he doesn’t get table scraps.

Ever since he started smelling in his wrinkles we have been giving him more baths. We’re up to 2 baths a week now and no matter how in depth we clean the wrinkles he stinks again like no other within a day. He even rubs his face and tail on the carpet and walls which puts the smell all over the house! So here we stand sort of at a cross roads with him. We would never give him up by any means, but the stinch is horrendous and we don’t have the money right now to see our vet. Do you or anyone have a home remedy or any ideas of what might be causing this? I would be so greatful if anyone could help us get our bulldog back to his old self. Trust me, I will be waiting for answers!! Thanks

Megan and Munchy

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Megan, don’t worry about feeding and bathing habits. The food you’re using is perfect. What you describe in your question is most definitely a problem of dermatitis in your Bulldog’s wrinkles as well as around his tail. We actually wrote an article Bulldog Health + Wellness on this and I believe it’s proven to be the most common struggle among Bulldogs.

Whether you have an English, French, Olde English or American Bulldog, redness, swelling and unbearable smells can be a huge problem if the wrinkles aren’t cared for properly. Now I’m not saying you’ve done anything wrong or neglected your Bulldog; caring for all those wrinkles can be a chore let me tell you.

Because your Bulldog reached a physical maturity at 8 months his wrinkles and deep crevices are more prone to collecting dirt and they aren’t able to get as much air. When this happens any dirt that accumulates in the folds starts to rot. Soon a yeast infection will materialize which I where you get those nasty smells.

Your Bulldog is rubbing his tail and face all over the floor because they’re irritated by the yeast infections on the skin. You may have an even bigger problem if the tail is too close to the rump of the bulldog and has become or is close to being classified as “ingrown“. If the tail pocket is too tight this will be a never ending battle possibly until you get it amputated. One tip to get the tail some breathing room and stop infection is for your bully to lose a little weight if possible. Amputation is a costly and risky procedure so tread lightly.

So my final analysis, is to begin cleaning the folds of your Bulldog’s face and tail pocket twice a day until the smells cease and then continue to clean them at least twice per week. Slow down on the baths as we know this isn’t helping anyhow. There’s a great medicated wipe that we use for our Bulldogs I want you to try. Don’t just settle for a paper towel as you’ve got to use an antimicrobial medicated wipe to clear the infections. At the top of Our Bulldog Health + Wellness Article you’ll find what I am confident will be your solution to the yeast infections in your bulldog.

Good Luck! Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions on the topic!


We had a similar problem with our bulldogs (chester + roxy). The wrinkle infections were constant until we got some of the microbial dry bath wipes.  I was worried when I saw that you might have an ingrown tail on your bulldog. My advice is to try and see if your bulldog can lose a bit of weight to create room between his tail and the surrounding skin so that it stops growing in and doesn’t need amputation. You dont want to travel that road. Hope you get it figured out. Sara Skinner

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