Potty Training again!?!?
">Potty Training again!?!?

Hello – We have a 5 1/2 month old English bulldog female- Georgia – She went 3 weeks with no accidents in the house and now within the last week we have had 4 accidents – ugh. We have a bell hanging from the door and she knows to ring it and we let her out – she has not been consistent – I have to admit this has been stressful – we lost our first bulldog 7 years ago and we don’t remember it being so hard to train. We have trouble with jumping up as well – We are consistent in our messaging to her.. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I want to enjoy this experience. Thank you

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Hi I am sorry you are having trouble with potty training, bulldogs are usually really good about using the restroom outside and are easily potty trained, I’m wondering though if she was doing goo the first 3 weeks. You might want to take her to the vet to rule out a possible UTI, which can be causing her to have accidents.


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