Natural Remedies for Bulldog Wrinkle Infections
">Natural Remedies for Bulldog Wrinkle Infections

I loved your page on english bulldog care and it helped my bulldog a lot. Specifically the information you provided on how to take care of bulldog folds and curing infections in the wrinkles and around the tail. I’m now wondering if you know of any home remedies I can use for daily care of my bulldog’s facial folds. I think from what I gathered from your care page that while the malacetic wipes can be used on a regular basis in the wrinkles, it may not be necessary unless there is an actual infection of some kind setting in. So if you are aware of anything simple that I can use at home that would be great. I would like to save the malacetic wipes (which are amazing by the way) for a rainy day if I can.

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Thanks for the compliments Mallory! Natural remedies for Bulldog wrinkle care. Yes, I’m sure there are a ton and everyone’s got their own ideas, but we have a couple awesome at home remedies for bulldog wrinkle care that can be used if infection hasn’t yet set in.

  1. Get yourself some hibitane/hibiscrub. dilute a small portion in water and clean the skin folds with this a few times each week
  2. Add 1 teaspoon salt in 1 pint of warm water and you’ll have a cleansing agent of 0.9% saline solution which then can be used to clean the skin folds/wrinkles.Most importantly. Make sure the skin in between the folds is dried thoroughly after cleaning. As we mentioned in the english bulldog care article, bacteria require warmth and moisture to replicate so by drying the skin you’ll be helping to prevent further infection.

I will say, though, that if any infection or smell from yeast has set in, you better use the malacetic wipes listed on the Bulldog Care page first. Once your infection has cleared up you can use the above remedies as a regular care regiment.


Wanted to add something. I think the best thing you can do to care for the wrinkles at times when there is no sign of infection is to be diligent in keeping the folds clean and dry. Check the folds daily. Gently remove dirt and grime with a make-up removing pad. Sometimes in-between bathing I like to take a squirt bottle and fill it with warm water and my oatmeal shampoo. I only use enough shampoo to make it a little bubbly. I expose the crevices beneath the nose rope and other facial folds irrigating them with the squirt bottle. Then I gently rub my finger between the folds. I then pat the areas dry. Oh and be sure to have your bully stand in the bath tub or over a large towel before doing this or you’ll have a small mess.

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