Limit Bulldog Puppy’s Food?
">Limit Bulldog Puppy’s Food?

I guess the title speaks for itself, but I’ll elaborate. I have an 8 week old bulldog puppy we just picked up from our local breeder. We were told to limit his food to 3 feedings per day and to a specific amount with each meal. The reason I ask is because I have a friend with a fully grown bulldog that is quite small at around 40lbs and she portioned the food with her dog too. I don’t want to stunt the growth of my bulldog. I’m wondering if I should measure out the food for my bulldog or if I should just let him have full control of the amount he eats?

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Funny I just had this same conversation with another women earlier today. I would never advise anyone to limit their bulldog’s food unless in the case the dog has become overweight. Why? Well not long ago we took in a bulldog that was 1 year old and barely 30 lbs. She looked to be in good health besides her low weight. The previous owner said she had to limit the bulldog’s food because otherwise the dog would just devour the food in seconds and vomit most of it back up again. We quickly found this was true. That dog was like a vacuum! Anyway, we didn’t believe it. We decided to leave the food down for the dog. We kept the food bowl full at all times and at first , yes, she would eat way too much, way too fast. It take long; however, for her to stop the behavior. If I recall correctly it was only a few days and the bulldog started eating only when hungry. I think when food is limited or controlled to specific portions sometimes we get it wrong and the puppy or dog goes hungry. They begin to worry about if they’ll get the next meal or not and whether it will be enough. In their mind there’s a food shortage and they had better gobble it up as soon as they see it. So, again, no I would never agree that portion controlling is a good idea for your dog unless she has already become overweight from overeating. We don’t limit our bulldogs’ food ever even from the start with our 6 week old pups. Puppies are just like kids. They know when they’re hungry and they’ll eat when the need to. I know that all the bags of dog food have diagrams with feeding guidlines and your vet may have told you to do this, but this is one rule you need to forget.

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