Is this a bulldog puppy scam???
">Is this a bulldog puppy scam???

I recently saw an add in my local paper that claimed to be selling bulldog puppies for 1200 each. They are akc and champion bloodlines and all of that. When I called the number no one answered so I tried they’re email adress listed in the article. The person told me they were out of puppies because they sold out, but she gave me a different email of a friend who is actually in Iraq and needs a new home for his two young bulldogs. I guess the story is that the guy can’t get anyone to care for them and he’s worried about their well being. He said he doesn’t want any money for the adoption, but just wants 350 dollars per puppy for shipping. I know shipping is expensive so that doesnt sound bad. The man gave me references and his home address and everything seems to check out. I really want to go through with the deal. I’ve even seen a copy of his drivers license and pictures of the two pups their 6 months old. He wants the money  sent by western union. I’ve been talking to him for 2 days now and am afraid to commit. Does this seem fishy to anyone or am I OK to go through with this. Not sure. Please anyone give me some advice on this. I don’t want to lose 700 dolllars. – Jill

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Jill none of this sounds good! My advice is that you’ve run into one of the many bulldog scammers and you better RUN! This story you were given about the puppy is rediculous and it’s very very similar to other scam stories I’ve heard over the years. Please find yourself a reputable breeder and meet them in person! Email me if you have any other questions Jill.


Jill – DO NOT DO THIS – This is ABSOLUTELY a scam!!  Western Union will not guarantee your money, and the $700 you think you’re paying for a “bargain” bulldog will end up costing thousands!  IF they even have puppies (which I highly doubt) how are they getting these puppies to you?  You would need to pay to fly them here – VERY EXPENSIVE – and they want money up-front before you even see these puppies – you will NOT receive anything and your money will be gone.  You would do much better to find a local breeder – go to the AKC website and look for a listing of reputable bulldog breeders in your area – then call them up.  I’m sure they would be very happy to educate you on the care of a bulldog and what to look for in a quality pup.  Do your research to even determine if a bulldog is the right dog for you – they require lots of time, care and money – vet bills are the norm, not an exception. If you are looking for a cheap dog, a bulldog is probably not what you’re looking for.  Between the special food and the care and the vet bills, you really have to want a bulldog regardless of the cost.  We had to wait until our kids were grown to afford our bulldog, but he was definitely worth the wait!!

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