How to teach my Bulldog Puppy his name
">How to teach my Bulldog Puppy his name

I just got a new bulldog puppy. He’s 16 weeks old and has been in my home now for 1 full week. We named him tank. We have two other bulldogs that come running when we call Tank’s name, but Tank stays put. I never thought getting my bulldog to just know his name or respond to it would be so hard.

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There’s surprisingly a simple way to do this. I hope you have a lot of treats. Just have your Bulldog, Tank, sit in front of you. Say his name and give him a treat. Say his name again and give him a treat. Do this routine a few times per day, twice a day for a week. Try the exercise with your other dogs present. Choose another of your dogs saying their name and treating them. Go back and forth saying the names of each dog and treating them. After a week of this training your Bulldog should no doubt have a good grasp of what his name is. Well, let’s put it this way…he may never know his name truly, but he will come when you call his name after this training. Good luck!


Just wanted to say we got our first bulldog two weeks ago and we find this website so very informative and helpful for new bulldog owners! We’ve bookmarked this site and are looking forward to more helpful articles being added! Oh, and this technique seems to be working awesome at teaching our bulldog his name (Drum)



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