How to Stop Bulldog nasty smelling gas/farts ??
">How to Stop Bulldog nasty smelling gas/farts ??

Is it normal for bulldogs to be extremely gassy every day? My boy samson is constantly having gas and the farts stink like no other. We have done everything to stop his farting, but nothing helps. He’s sitting at my feet as I write and it seems about every 5-10 minutes there’s another stinker! I don’t think I remember him doing this before. He’s 3 now and is on Royal Canin Bulldog for the last 6 months as my vet directed me. This is some serious flatulence so I would really appreciate hearing what might help lol

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First, I would recommend you consider changing his food. I noticed you just switched him to the royal canin brand about 6 months ago and sometimes it takes a few months for Bulldogs to develop side effects from poor quality food ingredients. Royal Canin is known to be heavy laden with rice and lacking in protein. There are also quite a few fillers.

If you don’t think it’s the food I would then warn you against feeding your bulldog low quality dog treats and table scraps. Sometimes we make a big effort of buying a quality kibble and we don’t think twice about the treats we give. Unhealthy treats are known to cause gas and they defeat the whole purpose of buying top brand dog food. Table scraps are a no no if you want to avoid gas. I can speak from experience; just about any human food you give your bully, will have him farting for at least a few hours.

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