how to register a litter of puppies
">how to register a litter of puppies

Hi I love your website! Noticed you guys seem like you’ve been in business for a while and maybe you could answer a couple of questions about breeding english bulldogs. More precisely, I am inquiring about how to register my first litter of english bulldog puppies with the akc. We had 2 puppies and they are just 1 week old. If anyone has any advice at all I would appreciate it as I can’t seem to get a solid answer anywhere I go :) – Sharron

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Thanks for the positive feedback Sharron! You’ll need to get the AKC registration number of the Dam and the SIre. These numbers can only be found with the owner of these dogs. I’m assuming you at least own the Dam if not the Sire as well. Once you have these IDs ready you may call the AKC or visit their website for more info:…..litter.cfm

Usually this is a very easy process and only costs around $20. The only downside with the AKC is they tend to take a while to get your papers to you.

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