Glue My Bulldog’s Ears?
">Glue My Bulldog’s Ears?

Hey my name’s Steve. Just got a Bulldog puppy (Charles) in my home state of Indiana and he is now 12 weeks old. I’ve noticed as he has begun to grow that his ears don’t look quite right and don’t seem to sit correctly on his head. Now, the pet store I purchased him from seems to have closed so I can’t ask them for info on this topic. I know after researching more into the breed I probably shouldnt have made my purchase from a pet store and I regret that.

What I heard online is that you can glue or even tape the Bulldog’s ears down so that they grow correctly or in the right direction? Honestly this sounds pretty mean so I don’t want to do it, but heard that the ears not being right may cause health issues in my bulldog’s ears. Please tell me this is not something I have to do to my dog! It really sounds like abuse. Just not sure. Anyone have an answer? Please Please respond to this post! Thank you!! – StevO 23

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Hi Steve! The gluing of the ears seems to be a pretty common occurrence with Bulldogs whether they’re show dogs or even just pets. This “technique” supposedly is painless and only takes a few days to work, but I for one am in agreement with you on this subject. I think that if your Bully’s ears aren’t set correctly on his head then he probably isn’t a truly good pick for a show dog anyway. Also, if you really love your Bulldog this may not be necessary. Don’t feel for a second that you must do this to your dog by any means. I’ve never done this to any of my puppies whether they needed it or not. I personally don’t like the practice, but I don’t know if I’m ready to criticize it too much either. I would say don’t worry about it. As long as you love your Bully your doing your job :)  Sorry your question didn’t get answered in a decent amount of time. Sometimes I like to give the other users a chance to get involved. Please send me anymore questions you might have via our Contact Page. – Dan


Steve, ever since your question was posted to this site I’ve been getting asked more and more about gluing the ears on a bulldog. I guess there’s a lot of you out there trying to correct those ears to achieve the rose shape. Hopefully this post answers everyone’s questions a little more completely.

So I did some more digging on the topic and found mixed reactions to the practice kind of like the ones I had expressed on my last post. Well I even went and looked for the bulldog ear glue and the first and only thing that popped up was a glue called Tear Mender. Looking at the reviews people overall people were happy with the way it worked on the ears, but it seemed like the only issue was removing the glue. One person decided to shave the glue off and another used some glue remover. I have to be honest with you. I hope you don’t glue or staple your dog’s ears. I just don’t like the thought of it. As I said before, love your dog and your doing your job.


Yikes! Gluing your Bulldog’s ears!? C’mon people this is the 21st century, is it not? At first I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Please tell me you didn’t glue your poor puppy’s ears down to achieve some special shape that you deem is right! Just love and take care of your pet. This is nonsense. How would you like it if someone put glue all over your ears or body parts to make them take different shapes than what they were intended? Seriously, if you do this that makes you a creep and a jerk in my book and you shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a bulldog puppy! You can’t say I’m wrong either because you know it’s true.


No, I didn’t have it done….yet. I’m actually not sure if I want to do it or not, but haven’t ruled it out. Just because something isnt right for you, hailey doesn’t mean the rest of us have to follow suit. We’re doing research all over the place and talking with certain knowledgeable people about what might be best. In fact one person we ran into who is a fellow bulldog lover chose to fix their bulldogs ears also, but they had the ears stapled into place. Apparently they were in the room with the vet who did it and the puppy didn’t even flinch. So I guess it must be painless. The glue also seems to be a little less effective and more messy in comparison. Hailey please don’t judge me for what I do and don’t do with my pet. I love my bulldog as much as anyone else.

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