Food for my English Bulldog
">Food for my English Bulldog

I have a 5 month old English Bulldog.  She was eating Iams, which was what the breeder has her on.  She started recently to have diarrhea and the vet is concerned that she could have IBD.  The good news, the vet said, is that puppies grow out of IBD.  I decided to switch her food anyway.  I just recently bought Merrick, grain-free, pork and sweet potato.  I feel confident in this brand; however there is a fairly high protein content.  I had read a few articles about how Bulldogs should not have food with too high of a protein content, but other articles contradicted this.  I am wondering what the truth is.  If you could please shed any light on this subject matter, it would greatly be appreciated.  Thank you!

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That’s really a great question! It’s true, it seems that with this subject and many others, you’ll find all kinds of articles supporting a high protein diet and some that say too much protein is harmful. There are many differing opinions on the subject of dog food for Bulldogs. I personally think of the old saying, ” too much of a good thing is bad”, although I think you would have to be feeding your Bulldog an incredibly high protein diet before it might become harmful to him. You know, dogs have all been bred or have adapted from their original “kind” which is probably the wolf. The wolf and other wild dogs eat meat and nothing else. You can imagine how high in protein their diets might be and this is healthy for them. Of course, the Bulldog is no wolf or dingo, but that’s at least a thought worth consideration in this discussion.

At my home, we feed our Bulldogs a dog food that is free of corn, wheat, soy and by-products. Also, our food lists a protein as the first ingredient. Now, it’s important to understand that even though your dog food may list the protein as a first ingredient, the food is probably lacking in an acceptable amount of protein for your dog. Our food too is lacking, so we supplement with cooked chicken breast once a day. The amount of protein you choose to supplement is obviously to be done at your own discretion, but I think a good rule of thumb is to mix in enough so that the dog food is 1 part protein and 3 parts dog food. I hope you can find a good system for feeding your Bulldog. It can be difficult caring for your Bulldog, but the fact that your searching for answers shows you take great measures to ensure your bully is healthy. I’m no veterinarian, but I hope this advice helps. – Dan Weese




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