Reading the info below, it looks like TOTW is a good choice for my 13 week old Bulldog.  However, is it healthy to COOK food for my dog? Like chicken? Or is it best to give him raw or to always use dry food?  I have always given my dogs the same food dry food, but  want my Bully to be happy and enjoy his food.  If we do use raw meat, should we buy this in the pet store and from the grocery store as we would eat?

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  • Tara

    First of all I want to say I love this site.  My bulldog is called Titus.  He is 2 years old and we adopted him from another family last September.  He has allergies.  And the first time we noticed them was when he lost a square patch of fur on the top of his head…. 3 by 3 inches and it was oozing and pussy.  I took him to our vet who advised me he is allergic to beef.  Most likely Chicken.  And to try lamb and rice dry food.  We did.  He is also allergic to lamb.  We tried duck.  Same story… the vet advised me that as soon as my dog starts to nibble and chew his feet and scratch excessively that he was developing allergies.  I tried him on a limited food kibble, this time with potatoes.  Well the yeast that developed! I have since switched both him and my Rottweiler (no allergies but has yeast issues she gets yoghurt with everything but the bully cannot stomach it) to a raw food diet using a recipe from Hillary, including the Hillary supplement.  The food has carrots, celery, spinach, apples, broccoli, carrots,ground almonds and tomato sauce.  I add the cod oil and supplement and mix it together in the blender for both the dogs and they love it!  Titus was doing amazingly well on this, for the first time since we got him his stool was solid and he lost a lot of weight (it was necessary) unfortunately he has recently started having diarrhea again and is starting to lose control in the house.  I am afraid to go back to kibble and while it would be nice to feed both my dogs the same food I am willing to have a different one for each.  Do you have a suggestion?

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