I just recently adopted a 5yr. old  Bulldog.   He’s a great dog, vet checked and he’s fine but I forgot to ask about his drool.   I can deal with it when it’s coming out of his mouth which isn’t often but it’s emptying the water bowl that turns my stomach.    I can take vomit, blood, feces, but I have a hard time emptying his water bowl because the bottom is filled with very thick saliva that just slides out slowly.  I can hardly write this as the thought makes my stomach churn.   Is there anything I can give him, feed him, any suggestions on how to loosen that saliva?  I”ll try anything.

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You can try distilled water to see if that helps instead of your city or well water. A lot of times the sediment from your tap can increase the amount of salivating your bulldog does and that shows up in the bowl. We hate this too. Super nasty. We’re actually looking into something right now that claims to get rid of that slimy film in the water bowl all together. It’s a copper plated bowl. Try some distilled water or water from an RO unit and see if that helps then watch for our article about the copper plated dog bowls!

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