Do I need a License to breed english buldogs?
">Do I need a License to breed english buldogs?

I am interested in breeding our 3 year old English bulldog, sammy, in hopes of getting another girl to add to our family. We don’t want to do it for the money as much as the experience and to find a companion to our Bulldog. I’m not really sure to start. My wife says I’m crazy although she too wants another female bulldog. Where do I start and my main question is Do I need a license from the state to breed bulldogs? Do I need to have my home inspected by the american kennel club or aspca or something? Any info you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Bob, that may depend on which state you’re living in. Here in Ohio there is no license needed to breed Bulldogs, but you are expected to register the name of your business.

Also, in my home state of Ohio, I believe the law says a person must have a kennel license if they have 5 or more dogs on their premises for breeding purposes.

As far as just breeding your one female, I don’t anyone will say a word to you. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions regarding this topic. Check out our page on Breeding Your Bulldog for a few beginner’s tips.

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