Hi – I have a 3 year old male bulldog – neutered at 9 months due to enlarged prostate.  He suddenly – within the past 6-9 months – is licking EVERYTHING – tile floor, wood floor, leather couches – us – EVERYTHING!  I asked the vet and all he said was at least I wouldn’t have to mop as frequently – and that they sometimes do this – BUT HE WON’T STOP!  When I really yell at him and he knows I’m watching him he won’t do it – so I think it’s part temper/attention – but he really gets attention when we’re home, so I’m not sure why – suddenly – this just started happening.  Has ANYONE had this problem and has anyone been SUCCESSFUL in getting your dog to stop?

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I actually asked the vet this because my dog did this at one point and would also just lick the air.  They told me that bulldogs need a lot of stimulation and they lick the air and everything around them when they feel like they are lacking exercise and stimulation.  I have noticed that since I have walked her much more frequently and engaged in play with her, I haven’t noticed the licking nearly as much.  Hope that helps!

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