Chronic Bulldog Ear Gunk/Need Natural Ear Infection Remedy
">Chronic Bulldog Ear Gunk/Need Natural Ear Infection Remedy

Our girl keeps getting really red ears with nasty black gunk all throughout no matter how often I clean them. Some days one ear is black and some days both of them are horribly dirty. The veterinarian said yeast infections are what she keeps getting. I’ve been putting the medication they gave us to her and  it clears the gunk and ear infections for a few days then they’re right back again anyone have this problem. I would really like to find a cheap home remedy for these constant infections.

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You know, I’d be curious to hear what she’s eating. Sometimes an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the food can aid in causing ear infections. Do you ever flush the ears with a medicated cleansing solution like malacetic or Zymox? Using these ever few days can really help and they’re surprisingly easy to use. As far as a natural remedy or home remedy, I would try soaking a cotton ball with half peroxide and half rubbing alcohol. Squeeze out the excess so it’s not dripping, but damp to touch. Stick the cotton ball into the ear and twist the ear around with the intent of expressing the remaining fluid into the ear canal. Massage the base of the ear for 30 seconds. Finish with a few dry cotton balls drying up the leftover liquid and debri that gets flushed out. Here’s the section on ear care for bulldogs. Good luck with those ear infections!

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