Chews Everything
">Chews Everything

Our 2 year old neutered thoroughbred British Bulldog male is constantly destroying things. The Sprinklers, the wooden doors built to keep him warm in winter, plants etc. He has many chew toys, gets attention, walks and love.
Nothing seems to stop him, the minute we turn our back, he is at it again.

Is this normal?

What can we do?

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  • Anna Streleck

    Just suggestions having owned/own about 50 dogs in my lifetime from Chis to Rotties.

    Have your vet check his teeth.  Maybe they or his gums are bothering him.  There may be tarter buildup.  Or try other types and sizes of toys.  Maybe he is looking for a certain taste or texture that feels good to him.  Oddly enough most of my dogs love the texture of toothbrush handles so I look for toys that feel like that.  Some are really into leather toys. 

    Your boy sounds like he’s into “feats of strength” so maybe a rope you can fasten to an eyebolt fastened to a stud in the wall or a Kong toy you can slather inside with something like peanut butter or that can hold small bits of something he really likes, like maybe soft salmon or liver treats given while showing or training, and he has to solve the puzzle to get to them.  Of course make sure he is monitored with any toys especially the rope toys.

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