about a month ago.we just got a 1 year old English bulldog. I work 12 hours day. on the days I work my daughter keeps him. When he is at her house he chews on furniture and pees on their floor. does changing houses have anything to do with it? he has plenty of toys and doesn’t do that at my house.


Kelli Rader

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Hi Kelli. Sometimes when routines and atmospheres change a dog might sort of “act out.” I imagine the biggest reason might be because at your daughter’s house he doesn’t feel as much a sense of leadership as he does at home. You might say he’s got a substitute teacher and wants to take advantage. Another thing to consider is that he could be feeling a bit anxious being away from you and his home. Chewing is a huge side-effect to anxiety and depression. I’m not saying your Bulldog needs a psychiatrist or something, but this is just what they do when they miss their most significant human-being-our Bulldogs do the chewing thing too when we go away. You might try some of the anti-sprays they have out for peeing and chewing. Nature’s Miracle makes a good one for peeing I’ve heard works amazingly and there’s something called Grannicks bitter apple spray for the chewing you could try. Soon enough though, he should acclimate to your daughter’s home as he did in yours.

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