I’m looking to Purchase another English Bulldog from a Breeder.

I Noticed the Mother Had Very Protuding Lower Bottom Teeth that  showed at All Times and Also her Tongue Stayed Out at All Times.

Thats is NOT the Look I’m Wanting for My EBulldog.

The Puppy of hers at this Time LOOKS Perfect and He is 8wks Old.

Will he As he gets Older Become with the Same Traits as his Mother?

PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE if I Need to get Him or If He will Change like his Mothers Teeth and Tongue?

Thank You,


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July 10, 2017 teresachism

Hi my name is Shawna and I’m doing a research paper for school on breeding Olde English Bulldogges. My family just got a Olde English Bulldogge puppy and we are absolutely in love with him. My husband and I were interested in finding out some more information on breeding our puppy eventually, but we wanted to do some thorough research first and when my English class assigned us a informative paper I decided to make breeding Olde English Bulldogge’s would be a good topic considering we already wanted to do some research anyways. I just have a few questions if you have time to answer them I understand you are probably busy. I will just post my questions and if you get a chance to respond that would be wonderful.

  1. How much does AI usually cost at the vet?
  2. Cost of the C-Section procedure
  3. How many litters can a Bull Bitch have a year?
  4. What’s the cost to register the puppies?
  5. When do the puppies get their tails docked and whats the cost?
  6. The overall cost of breeding a litter of puppies

I understand all Vet’s charge different prices, but if you just had an estimate that would be great. Thank You for your time.

Shawna Shanks

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April 6, 2017 shawnashanks1117

I have a puppy she weights, 17.4 but recently she’s having allergies. today she woke up with a eye thing but now its discharging green stuff. I keep my house super clean, and again i need to go to the vet, i swear by now the vet knows my name. because she’s still hasn’t got all her shots i haven’t taken her out of the house , i don’t understand why all these things keep happening to her.  Can someone please help me what should i do

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February 28, 2017 vveramendi

Hey, my name is Jason and I live in Kings Mountain North Carolina and I am looking to breed my 2 year old male AKC English Bulldog. His name is Bacon and I would like to breed him one time in hopes of getting one of his puppies. “Not in it for the money, just would like the first pick of his litter.”So, if there is anyone near me looking to breed their female AKC English Bulldog please respond. Thanks, Jason

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January 18, 2017 sophia01
lump on his butt">
lump on his butt


I have a 8year old bully for the past few months a pretty big lump has been on his butt near the tail area, any advise on what can be?

I was told it may be some fatty tissue billed up.

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June 29, 2016 ringo

Do I need a License to breed english buldogs?">
Do I need a License to breed english buldogs?

I am interested in breeding our 3 year old English bulldog, sammy, in hopes of getting another girl to add to our family. We don’t want to do it for the money as much as the experience and to find a companion to our Bulldog. I’m not really sure to start. My wife says I’m crazy although she too wants another female bulldog. Where do I start and my main question is Do I need a license from the state to breed bulldogs? Do I need to have my home inspected by the american kennel club or aspca or something? Any info you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Can Bulldogs Breed Naturally?">
Can Bulldogs Breed Naturally?

Is it possible to have your Bulldog stud and bitch mate the old fashioned way? What I mean is I see a lot of talk about artificial insemination and I just don’t understand what the big obstacle is with Bulldogs naturally mating. The reason I ask is that my girl is 2 yrs old and we have a boy as well. The girl, Jewls, is going into heat we believe soon and we thought, “why not just bring the male over and let them do their thing?” Considering the costs of progesterone testing and the AI, we’ll probably be giving this a try at the onset either way, but I thank you for considering my question. – Julie Hayden

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