Can Bulldogs Breed Naturally?
">Can Bulldogs Breed Naturally?

Is it possible to have your Bulldog stud and bitch mate the old fashioned way? What I mean is I see a lot of talk about artificial insemination and I just don’t understand what the big obstacle is with Bulldogs naturally mating. The reason I ask is that my girl is 2 yrs old and we have a boy as well. The girl, Jewls, is going into heat we believe soon and we thought, “why not just bring the male over and let them do their thing?” Considering the costs of progesterone testing and the AI, we’ll probably be giving this a try at the onset either way, but I thank you for considering my question. – Julie Hayden

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You know it’s funny you ask that because we actually let our Bulldogs try it on their own the first time we bred them together. To be honest they were completely clueless on how to do it. There was face humping, sideways belly humping and they would even walk away from each other and hump nothing but air(sorry that’s gross I know)  I don’t think they would have figured out how to breed on their own in a million years. Breeding between the male and female Bulldog does not typically happen without some sort of assistance from us humans. I have seen a great home breeding video on YouTube by Mauiexpo Kennel in which the owner, Diego, sort of “helps” the male onto the female for breeding and holds him in place until they make their connection. He continued to hold them together for about 15-45 minutes more until the process was complete. It appeared to be super easy in the video and the breeder claims that “natural breeding is always better and safer”. It definitely looks like something I would be willing to try with our Bulldogs after I’ve asked my Vet first of course and done some more research. Diego, from MauieXpo Kennel would probably even be glad to give advice on all of this as well. Let me know how it goes for you and feel free to send anymore questions you might have my way. – Dan


We just recently finished an article for those of you considering breeding your Bulldog. Definitely worth a look :

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  • Beth

    I’m not 100% positive, my understanding is that a lot of breeds need human assistance on “placement” the first time mating.

    I have a Staffordshire Terrier I’d like to breed and was informed we may have to help her stud with the “lock up”.

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