Bulldogs With Long Tails Vs. Short Tails
">Bulldogs With Long Tails Vs. Short Tails

We are in the process of purchasing 2 puppies. I am getting such different information from the internet, I don’t know what is true. The puppies that we have put deposits on have approximately a 2 or 3 inch tail, is this normal for an English Bulldog? Or are we not buying pure breeds. What if we were considering breeding them?

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The longer tail is definitely normal and that length doesn’t seem like a big deal for someone who won’t be breeding or showing. Longer tail doesn’t automatically mean they’re not AKC. The thing is though that they’re not preferred in the show ring and aren’t exactly a match to the AKC standard. Now if they’re sort of cork-screwed and stay close to the body, 2-3 inches isn’t really a problem. If the tail sticks straight out it’s a little more undesirable. Just make sure the parents look “standard’ and that they’re both listed by name on the AKC papers before you purchase. Also, might be a good idea to see previous puppies from these parents if possible. If you breed the puppies, you’re likely to get puppies with similar tails.

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