Bulldogs Sleeping Habits
">Bulldogs Sleeping Habits

My question is simple: Why do bulldogs sleep so much?! I have a friend who owns two bulldogs and when I visit them it seems like their always under the chair snoring LOUD! Lol. I just can’t believe it would even be healthy for their bodies to sleep that much. Don’t they need exercise to stay healthy? Sorry for the goofy question. I know their may not be a real scientific answer, but maybe I can just ask other owners if this is typical for bulldogs to sleep almost all day.

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Well we’ve had bulldogs for 7 years and what I’ve noticed is they do tend to lay around and sleep quite a bit, but I don’t know if I would agree they sleep more than other breeds. I think sometimes it’s easy to look at a Bulldog and say they’re lazy or fat or they sleep all day simply because they seem to have that look about them. Also, with our dogs they do what we do. If we’re sitting around they will too, but if we go outside they’re right there with us playing fetch and running the yard together. That’s my experience anyway 🙂 Maybe some others will chime in……

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  • Jeff love

    Yes I’ve had British bull dogs for over 30 years and they seem to be sleeping 24 7 but if u make the slightest nouis they are awake and thats why I love my boys

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