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Hi, I understand that bullies have always been an expensive breed & that raising a litter is no easy task. I’m just confused with the price increase I’ve seen since last year, most bullies I saw where priced between $2500 & $3000 but since Christmas (just before) pricing went to around $4000 – $5000. I love bullies but I can not justify $5000. I try but I just can’t. I have a pure bred bullmastiff who only cost $2000 would love to get her a little sister bulldog, but $5000 is just unrealistic.

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You know, I can’t say that we’ve personally noticed this rise in prices anywhere as of late although I can see some breeders might have spiked their prices right before Christmas as that’s pretty typical. Is there someone in particular you’re referring to?

Our puppies start at $2,500 and even that is not cheap I agree. I guess when you see a breeder selling their puppies for as much as 4-5k each they’ve probably just found that with their huge following they can still effectively sell their puppies thanks to their ability to reach a bigger market. In some cases I’m sure a puppy would be sold for as much as 5k because the size of the litter may have been so small the breeder has to cover his costs. Then again if we have a litter of only one or two we would consider keeping the puppies. So much work goes into raising a litter of Bulldogs and we couldn’t just let them go in exchange for a few thousand dollars. At that rate we would probably end up losing our home. The good thing is, there are a ton of Bulldog breeders out there with varying prices. I suppose the only thing left is to find one who is honest and who loves their puppies.

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