Bulldog Head Shaking
">Bulldog Head Shaking

My bulldog’s (Mally) head always bobs up and down especially when she’s sleeping. She developed this new behaviour about a week ago and it hasn’t stopped. Obviously we’re just about ready to take her to the vet, but are just searching online to see if we can come up with something first.  She is 3 years old now. We feed her science diet and never table scraps. We also give her a vitamin once a day. It’s just an all in one vitamin and is AKC brand. She’s been on the vitamins for about 1 year so I don’t think that’s a problem.

At first we thought this was her just dreaming, then maybe seizures and now after all this head shaking we’re kind of freaked out and getting a little worried. Sometimes the head bobs up and down and other times is shakes more consistently and faster. Please let me know if you have any advice or if you’ve heard of this head bobbing with bulldogs before. – Megan *Notice- this question was lost, but later restored by Dan Weese

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Well first of all let me say this is a huge topic and most of the time your veterinarian won’t be much help to you because it so difficult to say exactly what might be causing these tremors. Your Bulldog could be suffering from what is commonly called “head tremors”. Head Tremors can be caused by a number of things including neurons in the brain miscellaneously shooting and causing the head to sway from side to side or in some cases like yours to bob up and down. Unfortunately there are no definite answers for what may be causing this to happen with Bulldogs.

Another cause for these head tremors could be a lack of glucose levels in the blood. Often times for different reasons including a poor quality diet the amount of sugar can be low enough to cause this physical response in your bully. You may try giving her a milliliter of karo syrup when the shaking begins to see if that stops it. We’ve had experience with Bulldogs for quite a while now and have witnessed this only once. Our experience was short lived thankfully and only manifested a few times not leading to any real problems. I really wish I had more answers for you. Hopefully someone in the thread notices your question and can give you a few more ideas.


We’re recently getting reports of Coconut Oil being used to correct head tremors for bulldogs!

Debbie Kratz said, Gemma, my Bulldog, was 6 or 7 months old when she began to get the head tremors. There is a lot of controversy on the causes… Hormones, excitement, low blood sugar, pain….. Our vet said to start giving her coconut oil daily and she never had them again. It has to do with the nerve cells firing incorrectly and the coconut oil adds the fatty acids.

Read the rest of Debbie’s testimony here: http://redwhiteandbulldogs.com/coconut-oil-for-bulldogs/

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