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">Bulldog Behavior

I have been considering a bulldog for a companion for a couple of years. As I continue to study the breed, I read conflicting reports. Either they make great loving pets with a desire to please or naughty, stubborn, destructive, nips at children,etc.Please share your experiences and what I can realistically expect from a bulldog.
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Janice Adams

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Hi Janice! It’s funny to me to hear conflicting opinions about whether the English Bulldogs are well behaved because I’ve only ever known them to be great dogs. I have also read that their a dog who’s “greatest desire is to please their master” and I’ll admit I always thought that was just a bunch of “fluff”. I don’t think their anymore concerned with pleasing their owners than any other dogs. I see them as just a bit stubborn than some breeds,  but not a big difference there either. They can definitely be destructive as puppies because they’re teething and like to chew, but if you raise them right they won’t be destructive as adults. I have never witnessed any of our Bulldogs bite or snap at any of my 3 kids, other dogs, or even anyone in the general public should be out at a park or something. The Bulldog gets 10 stars for friendliness in my book. As with any breed, if you properly train, love and discipline your Bully, they’ll make a great pet. I hope this helps and would love to see a few other opinions from our other visitors to the English Bulldog Q&A.


Hi, Janice. I have had my bulldog puppy for a few weeks, and she’s a terrific companion.  I am not sure if I am just lucky or if her personality is typical of most bulldogs. She’s affectionate, cuddly, and she actually sleeps all night! Her only maintenance is daily training (15 minutes or so), booster shots every three to four weeks, and of course plenty of play and attention. Fingers crossed – my decision to adopt her was the right one.

Good luck out there!


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