Blue Bulldog Eyes and Genetics
">Blue Bulldog Eyes and Genetics

I have a bulldog that has one blue eye and one brown eye. When we bought her we thought the eyes were cool. everybody loved them in fact, but now I’ve been hearing that blue eyes in bulldogs mean they have a genetic problem of some kind. Is it true that bulldogs with blue eyes have been inbred? I like many have gotten my dog from someone other than what is probably an honest breeder and just want to do right by my bulldog. Awaiting your answer…

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I have a bulldog with one blue eye and one black. Hes 2 years old now and has no health problems so I dont think having a blue eye is a big deal at all. I hate when people have to put down a good dog just because of his eye color. Funny how people love blue eyes on babies but we have to make unfair standards for our pets. Frustrates me horribly!!!


We have a bulldog just like yours, only with one blue and one black. We’ve never had any health issues so far and he’s 3 yrs. I’ve always heard that an english bulldog with blue eyes has been inbred too, but haven’t been able to confirm from a reputable source. I wouldn’t worry about it and in y fact, it’s kind of cool to have a bulldog with blue eyes as it’s not very common.

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