Aggressive Bulldog biting to bite my sons crotch
">Aggressive Bulldog biting to bite my sons crotch

I have a 3 year old English Bulldog, who we have have since he was 10 weeks old.  In the past 9 mo this he has started to attach and bite my 16 year old sons crotch!  This is a random act and unpredictable.  I also have 2 daughters, age 13 and 7,  that he would never be aggressive with.  My son tries to get away but the dog is fast and aggressive.  I usually have to physically lay on the dog to get him to stop so that my son can get away.  This does not seem to be stopping and I am at the end of the line, please help with some advise or the dog will have to go.  It will break my 7 year olds heart!

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  • Lee

    It could be that your son teased the dog when it was younger, and now it’s “getting revenge.” Dogs seem to know when they get bigger, and can take advantage of it. If this isn’t the case, if your dog is a male, it could be him getting territorial against another young male in the household.

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