8 week old male English bulldog “Bruno”
">8 week old male English bulldog “Bruno”

We added Bruno to our family on Christmas Eve and the breeder I got him from

had his first set of shots done and dewormed. I followed up with my vet to have a

fecal done and puppy wellness check for my own sake and Bruno’s. No parasites in stool “GREAT” and at 7 weeks weight was 8lbs 5oz. He’s eating and drinks a lot of water. My concern is his stool which is very loose. I did switch him from Iams puppy to Blue Basics puppy with Turkey and potato. He’s been eating this for over a week and figured his tummy would adjust by now but it hasn’t. My vet gave me a probiotic to give him for 3 days but no improvement. Bruno is playing, eating, etc so I know he’s not sick but when will the stool become firm? Also, when he sleeps his breathing sounds at times like his nose is congested and has slight green drainage. Temperature was taken at the vet and was normal. Is the nasal drainage normal? It’s not a constant flow but has me concerned. Any info you have to help ease my mind would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi there. So first off, the green drainage is definitely of concern to me. It could be a sign of kennel cough or pneumonia. We had a puppy catch pneumonia once in the past and our vet didn’t catch it. This puppy had more of a yellow/white drainage and it wasn’t  a constant flow either, but like your puppy’s, it was consistent. Any sort of drainage should be clear. I think you need to contact your vet right away and tell them what’s going on. I know they just saw him, but a chest x-ray is needed unless they can think of some other explanation. Either way, you should press the issue if they insist he’s ok. If there’s some sort of respiratory infection it is serious. Continue to watch him closely making sure he is still eating drinking and playing. It’s good you changed from Iams. I would give the Blue Buffalo another week or  two and keep on those probiotics. You can even add some Kefir or yogurt to his meal which are loaded with live cultures and should help ease and balance his digestive tract. Please do keep me informed on Bruno’s progress!!

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