1 litter only
">1 litter only

So for the past 2 years I have been going back and forth with breeding or not breeding, at 10 months old my female had entropin, is this genetic or does it just happen? I have had people tell me its not and people say it is, my vet likes the breed but is trying to talk me out of it and has come up with every excuse, she tells me every time we see her bulldogs are money pits. Money isnt a concern, thats the least of the issue, is it safe to breed with entropin?

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We’ve always considered the entropion to be hereditary. This doesn’t mean every puppy will your Bulldog has will end up with this condition, but the chances are high that some will. Entropion is kin of a big deal. It is safe to breed a Bulldog with entropion, but not recommended.


Notwithstanding the possible dangers, it’s not ethical to knowingly pass on an inherited condition to an unsuspecting buyer, but if the condition is fully disclosed beforehand with an agreement to never breed the dog if found to have the condition, that would be satisfactory unless the condition causes other issues. This is one of my biggest fears in buying any dog, especially one as expensive as a Bulldog. Not every breeder is ethical and the only thing they are looking at are dollar signs. Our Bulldog has numerous health issues at a great expense to care for these problems, so if there is a next time I’m going to make sure the breeder has a sterling reputation for honesty and a quality lineage. Of course that won’t guarantee a life free of any issues, but it would certainly minimize them.

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