Hello! I have a 18 month old female bullie. She has started to have skin issues. I would like to avoid the vet,the medications often have adverse side effects and frankly I cant afford it with my husband out of work recently. We have switched her food and to Earthborn great plains,grain free etc. As well as supplementing with salmom oil and coconut oil in the food,we rotate them biweekly,as it alone they seem to lose effectiveness. We also topically treat with the coconut oil. Bathe her about every 8 to 10 days. Fleas have been a particulary trying issue this season for some reason.  But we are diligent in our efforts. Im going to order the malaseb shampoo n wipes. My breeder lives a block away,so i am in contact with her regularly. Ik told her skin issue is a dermititus caused by the yeast,We have the ears under control with the extra strength Zymox. Even if i could afford the vet bills currently,I am just not sold on all the meds,they generally only work for a short period of time before stopping as well. I m huge on herbs and natural remedies,any help you can suggest will be greatly appreciated.