Hi, I am a new bully parent of a 5-7 year old male old English Bulldog that was rescued from a puppy mill. I adopted him from a shelter two weeks ago now.

Anyways, he is potty trained, kind of. . . . during the day he is really great about waiting to use the bathroom until I take him for his walks, however at night he pees on his bed, no where else in the room (he has full access to the laundry room so he could pee on the floor and then lay in his bed, pee free).

I am not sure why he has to use the bathroom so much, I make sure to let him out to pee before bed at 9pm and then I wake up and take him out at about 6am to pee again, and I thought he was doing so good. . . . but then I got him a new bed and I’ve noticed, due to it’s fabric color, that he is peeing in his bed at night and then sleeping in it.

What can I do to fix this? Both issues, needing to pee so often and then peeing in his bed and laying in it?

Thanks, Heather.