Hello RWB,

Brutis is my 2yr old english bulldog. He is awesome ! We have had an on going issue with his front paws, so mush so that he has a limp when he walks. I have tried soaking his front paws in Epson salt for 15 minutes, twice a day, tried the vitamin E. I just can’t seem to get him relief. The vet thought at first it was a bacteria between the pads, but the meds prescribed didn’t help much. The area in question is just above the pad area at the rear of the pad and yellow in color, looks like a callous that cracks.  It doesn’t bleed or weep anything, but is painful to him. He loves to play but this condition is very painful and i’m at a loss as to what to do or put on it to help it heal. I have read through the paws and pad section and have square rooted this issue with research but can’t seem to find a symptom or remedy that fits this issue.  If anyone has thoughts or insight please let me know.

Best regards