Hi, we have a now 3, almost 4 year old bully who is my baby, had him since he was 10 wks old. We have been in a nasty custody battle with my hubby’s ex over his girls. My question is this, can a male bully, unproven stud ejaculate without sex or help from us? My oldest stepdaughter is bad about playing with Outlaw on his level, and then he begins to hump her and she has a fit. She went home once and told her mother, and said that after she had “goo” in her hair. We were here, she never once said anything about this other than the humping. Now her mother is trying to force us to get rid of Outlaw with this being the reasoning. Is it even possible? I’m thinking it’s not, but want to be sure. Thanks in advance.

The wicked stepmother!