Hey my name’s Steve. Just got a Bulldog puppy (Charles) in my home state of Indiana and he is now 12 weeks old. I’ve noticed as he has begun to grow that his ears don’t look quite right and don’t seem to sit correctly on his head. Now, the pet store I purchased him from seems to have closed so I can’t ask them for info on this topic. I know after researching more into the breed I probably shouldnt have made my purchase from a pet store and I regret that.

What I heard online is that you can glue or even tape the Bulldog’s ears down so that they grow correctly or in the right direction? Honestly this sounds pretty mean so I don’t want to do it, but heard that the ears not being right may cause health issues in my bulldog’s ears. Please tell me this is not something I have to do to my dog! It really sounds like abuse. Just not sure. Anyone have an answer? Please Please respond to this post! Thank you!! – StevO 23