Hi my name is Shawna and I’m doing a research paper for school on breeding Olde English Bulldogges. My family just got a Olde English Bulldogge puppy and we are absolutely in love with him. My husband and I were interested in finding out some more information on breeding our puppy eventually, but we wanted to do some thorough research first and when my English class assigned us a informative paper I decided to make breeding Olde English Bulldogge’s would be a good topic considering we already wanted to do some research anyways. I just have a few questions if you have time to answer them I understand you are probably busy. I will just post my questions and if you get a chance to respond that would be wonderful.

  1. How much does AI usually cost at the vet?
  2. Cost of the C-Section procedure
  3. How many litters can a Bull Bitch have a year?
  4. What’s the cost to register the puppies?
  5. When do the puppies get their tails docked and whats the cost?
  6. The overall cost of breeding a litter of puppies

I understand all Vet’s charge different prices, but if you just had an estimate that would be great. Thank You for your time.

Shawna Shanks