Thinking Of Purchasing A Bulldog Puppy?

We don’t want to scare anyone off or put you through “the ringer”, but there are a few things every future Bulldog owner should consider before they take the plunge. For most readers a lot of this information is already understood, but we aim to make certain our puppies are cared for properly when they leave us.

Consider The Following:

Have you properly researched the Bulldog breed yet? These aren’t your average “set it and forget it” dogs. Bully’s require special attention for their ears, wrinkles, and coat at least twice a week to help them stay clean and prevent infection. Bulldogs are commonly thought of as being lazy or that they don’t need exercise. Actually, they do require light exercise; they love to get a lot of attention from their owners and truly enjoy playing. Bulldogs can NOT swim unless closely supervised and wearing a life preserver! If you own a pool, it could prove to be a challenge to keep your puppy safe. I don’t want to hear anymore sad stories of Bulldogs drowning in the family pool.

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Where Will You Keep Your Bulldog?

If you’re looking for a dog to keep outside, you should reconsider purchasing a Bulldog .It’s not good to put them out in temperatures below 35 degrees and they should only be outside for very short periods of time when the temperature goes above 75 degrees. These temperature restrictions are needed because of the Bulldog’s inhibited ability to cool and heat himself effectively. Bulldogs should be considered “inside dogs” and in extreme heat your home must be air conditioned for them.

Have you carefully considered and made ready your new puppy’s living quarters? Is your yard fenced in or will you require an in ground fence? If you’re a smoker, please don’t smoke in your home with your puppy; this can cause respiratory problems for any dog, especially a Bulldog. Be prepared to pick up where your breeder left off with the puppy’s potty training. A new puppy   will require consistent patience and will have many “accidents” on your new carpet. Please don’t purchase a puppy if you don’t plan to spend at least 6 hrs a day with him.

Bulldogs have health needs that are specific to their breed and you are encouraged to find a quality Veterinarian who specializes in them. In our experience some Veterinarians aren’t very familiar with Bulldogs and have even been known to misdiagnose them.

 A Lifetime Commitment

Do not buy a puppy if you don’t plan to provide a forever home to them. Puppies are not to be bought one day and abandoned the next. They require unconditional love and they deserve it from you. When purchasing a puppy your life will change similar to the way it does when you have a child. If after reading this page, you had some questions pop up in your head please visit our Bulldog Q&A. There are other current/potential Bulldog owners who would love to chat with you! You may also connect with us through our Contact Page. We’re super friendly and don’t mind answering any questions you may have.

7 Responses to Before You Buy

  • Ted Mellor

    Can English bulldogs per trained as therapy service dogs

  • Kylee Spencer

    Hi, I’ve been on the hunt for an English Bulldog puppy and I’ve had to deal with a lot of scammers and have nearly played into their tricks on several occasions. I was curious as to if you have any available puppies. Your website has been extremely helpful and it seems rather trustworthy. Hope for a reply soon. Thanks!

    • Dan Weese

      Hi Kylee. Glad you like the website! We hope to have a litter this Winter. Message me if you need more details. – Daniel

  • james lawrence

    Hello Sir,

    First off let me say how wonderful and informative your English Bulldog website is. You and your family clearly care a lot about your dogs and your knowledge of the breed is excellent – I have learnt a lot from just reading!

    I am originally from England – I have been living here in the US for about 4 years. My wife and I are currently looking to purchase a bulldog to add to the family. The process of buying a puppy seems to be a hard one to navigate given the cross breeds that look so much like genuine bulldogs. I was curious if you have any plans to sell any of your puppies in the near future – I would feel so much more comfortable if i was able to purchase one from a reputable breeder such as yourself – your dogs are beautiful! Alternatively do you know of any comparable breeders that have puppies available?

    Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.


    • Kelly putman

      I really enjoy your site I have looked at site after site looking for a puppy. I have delt with several people who are scamming. Question how do you pay for a pup safely for you and the person you are buying from? I understand no one wants to ship a pup and not get payed. We the people are told not to send money western union, money grahm. Everyone wants there money and we want a pup. Anyway I am so frustrated I a almost to the
      Point of going to a flea market at least I will have the pup in hand when the money changes. What am I suppose to do? I just want a nice pup from a real person.

      • Dan Weese

        That’s a great question: With so many scams out there, how does a person make sure they are buying from a legitimate breeder. First, find a breeder who has been in business for a while. You can confirm this by asking for multiple references. Do a thorough google search too. Check the breeder’s name, phone number and address on the search engines to see if you can find any “dirt.” Talk to the breeder on the phone. Speaking face to face is even better if possible. Get to know them. With the ability to go “live” on facebook and youtube, you might ask them to show you a live video featuring their Bulldogs and the dogs’ living area. The one you mentioned about not paying with money grahm and western union is a big one. Use a form of payment that can be tracked. At the end of the day, it’s always best to purchase the puppy in person.

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