RedWhiteandBulldogs Health Guarantee/Contract

This agreement is made this____day of_____,______, and is between the breeder (seller) and the buyer as named below:

Breeder (seller) :______________________________________________________________



The buyer agrees to obtain from the seller a Bulldog.   Sex:______ Color:______

AKC litter #____________ Date of birth:__________  For the amount of $________.00

plus Shipping of $______.___Total of $________._____



Each bulldog puppy 6 weeks and older is believed to be in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time of purchase(unless otherwise stated). Each puppy comes current on puppy shots, worming, and are vet checked by our trusted vet. No puppies will leave Red White and Bulldogs’ possession until he has received his health inspection by our Veterinarian. If the puppy’s health is found to be less than satisfactory, the condition of the puppy will be made known to the buyer and agreement will be made between RedWhiteandBulldogs and the buyer.

Your bulldog puppy is guaranteed to be free from life threatening congenital defects for 2 years from his date of birth. If you find that your bulldog puppy has life threatening congenital defects within his first two years of life, you may return it to us at your expense accompanied by a written statement from a licensed veterinarian and we will provide you a new puppy as one becomes available. If your bulldog puppy should die because of a congenital defect in the first two years of his life, you will be given a new puppy as one becomes available.

Red White and Bulldogs must be informed of any health issues the puppy may have that pertain to this guarantee as soon as the puppy is diagnosed.

It is important you schedule your new puppy for his first health screening before you take possession of it. If a licensed veterinarian finds the bulldog puppy to be in poor health within 2 weeks after the buyer has taken possession, we will refund the purchase price upon the return of the bulldog puppy within 7 days of your veterinarian’s evaluation. We are not responsible for your veterinarian fees or the cost to return the puppy.

Some defects that are not covered by your guarantee are cherry eye, entropion, soft and hard pallet defects and hip dysplasia. These defects do not commonly occur in our breeding program and are not considered life threatening.

We are not responsible for any expenses you may incur, and a refund will only be honored with a receipt of the report from a licensed veterinarian as well as any applicable x-rays or tests that were performed . RedWhiteandBulldogs holds the right to a second opinion.

We are not responsible for any of your veterinarian bills. Your bulldog puppy is current on it’s vaccinations and worming. Please take the shot records we send you to your veterinarian. It is important that you keep the vaccinations, worming, and boosters current for your puppies health as well as to keep the guarantee honorable.
We strongly recommend that your bulldog puppy be spayed or neutered if it is purchased as a pet.

It is your responsibility to take good care of your bulldog puppy and provide it with adequate food, water, shelter, and veterinarian care.

If buyer’s vet finds a congenital defect, The seller holds the right to get a second opinion on the diagnosis.

14 Responses to English Bulldog Puppy 2YR Guarantee

  • Michael Gadoury

    Dear Dan,

    The only post that I have found on your site re: prices is that they start at $2,500 and it was from 2013.  Is that still the case?  Additionally, what dictates the price, appearance, breeding rights etc?  What is the highest price?  I am considering a purchase within the next year.

    Thank you for your time.
    Mike Gadoury

    • Dan Weese

      Hi Mike. We expect prices to be as much as $3,000 per puppy from this next litter. We set the price based on color and most importantly, comformation to the standard. We rarely sell our pups with full registration. This means our pups are sold strictly as pets and puppies. Let me know if you have any further questions about future litters.

  • Sarah Parks

    Is your next litter already reserved by possible owners? I am looking for a male pup.

    • Dan Weese

      Sarah, only a few of the puppies have been reserved. We’ll begin accepting reservations again once any available puppies are around a week old.

  • william Blackburn

    We are from Delaware wondering where you are we already have a British Bulldog or should I say English bulldog just wanted to know possibly about getting another one when something happens to ours.and you’re right they are the best dog in the world high maintenance but very good thanks for the info if you can

    • Dan Weese

      Hey there William. We should have at least one litter this Summer. Glad you stopped by our website.

      • william Blackburn

        Would like to know where you are located at. Thanks

        • Dan Weese

          William, we’re in Wadsworth, Ohio which is about 30 min. south of cleveland.

  • Amy Dawson

    I have been searching for an AKC registered English Bulldog breeder.  I found you on line and lived the photos and also the fact that we Re just a town over….Copley!  Do you have any current litters?  Thanks!

    • Dan Weese

      I grew up in Copley. Unfortunately we don’t have any puppies now. We were expecting a litter much sooner, but now it looks like it will be well into the Summer before we have any.

  • Cristal

    Hi im interested in adopting or purchasing a bulldog. Im not interested in the dog to be akc registered as they are all great to me. Neuter, spayed or not it don’t matter. I love the bull breed. The most im willing to pay is 400. I know I wont get a puppy but if anybody is willing to put their dog for adoption. I would love it!

    • dan weese

      Cristal, you should definitely check out the Rescue Ohio English Bulldog Facebook Page. This rescue has been extremely effective at pairing up families with good quality Bulldogs in need of a home.

  • dan weese

    We just had a litter of puppies February 28th. Our puppies start at $2,500 each, they are AKC registered and come with a 2yr Health Guarantee. It appears as though these puppies have all been sold, but watch our Facebook page for up to date info.

  • LaKeasha means

    Do you currently have puppies and what is the starting price?

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