English Bulldog Names

Your getting your English Bulldog Puppy soon and need to find the coolest name for him/her so we wrote the perfect list to help you get this exciting, but daunting task in the bag! So what’s in a name anyway? Everything of course! I think it’s true, the names we choose for our pets say a whole lot about our character.

Some of us consistently choose names that will exhibit our longing to be seen amongst friends and family as wealthy, smart or popular. I guess I’d have to admit that’s where me and my family fit in, but with a smidge of creativity and a touch of American Pride. We have fun naming our English Bulldogs such names as, Liberty Bell(Libby), Independence(Indy), California(Cally) and Lilly Billy Silly Dilly. Ok, I don’t know what happened to our patriotic theme when we named Lily, but you get the point, right lol?

Funny Bulldog Names

Then there are those of us that really make life fun and interesting sometimes with a non-stop satirical attitude like my Brother, Steven Weese, who thinks it would be funny to name his dog after himself, except with a ridiculous spelling. PH-teven is what he’d call his Bulldog if he had one, supposedly because of the Bulldog’s lisp causing lower jaw bone.

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Did you hear about the guy who named his Bulldog, Diogi? That’s (D-O-G), get it? Or maybe you’d get a kick out of naming your English Bulldog, 5 Miles, so you can tell everyone you walk your Bulldog 5 Miles every day-my personal favorite.

Funny Bulldog Names

Adding Words Like Captain, Chief and Always in the Front of These Goofy Names Can Make Them Even More Laughable!

Tough Bulldog Names

Bulldogs, although extremely gentle and passive with children and other animals, do indeed possess a very bold look. This tough guy image is probably due in part to their enormous head, massive physique and menacing over-bite. Don’t let this smoosh faced rebel fool you! Unless you’ve found yourself in the way of his barreling 50lb frame and a squirrel, the only thing he’s likely to break is your heart.

Despite the so ugly, they’re cute status, it can be a lot of fun dubbing these warmhearted meat heads with a name that screams, Tough as Nails! Everyone loves a bit of irony!

Tough Bulldog Names

For Even More Originality, Try Adding Descriptive Words Like Big, Drooling, Baggy, or Super to The Front!

Fan Favorite Bulldog Names!

Did you know we have the greatest fans on earth? We do! Actually we considered getting their advice in our search for the best English Bulldog names to be key.  It makes sense consulting them, especially considering they’re around two thousand Bulldog lovers who have already enjoyed the experience of picking the perfect names for their Bulldogs. Thanks to our Awesome Fans!

Of course we couldn’t list every name and we left out a lot of the simple ones in an attempt to showcase only the more clever ones. Here’s where you, the reader, come in! Comment below the article or on the facebook post below, your favorite Bulldog name, handle, label, nickname or alias now!  You’ll be helping hundreds of people who are actively seeking the perfect calling card for their beloved Bulldogs. What could be better!

Tell Us Which Names We Should Have Mentioned Now!

53 Responses to Popular English Bulldog Names

  • lenny

    My Bulldogs name is Shultz. Does any one remember Hogans Heroe’s? Cant look any more like the actor Shultz on that show.

  • colley singer

    Our bully is called Bella. She really responds the best to Bella, the pretty girl!!!

  • Britney

    We have 2 male brother and we named them Mitch and moose

  • MarkJenni Askey

    We wanted to name ours Winston when we got one but after we made a purchase we choose Duke it just seemed to fit him better and he loves John Wayne.

    • Pam

      Just brought home Petunia.  She’s certainly a flat nosed flower

  • gloria

    Mine: Chubby and Dudley……….

  • Ixamara

    My bulldogs name is Rocky, when he is in trouble it is Rocky Balboa lol 🙂

  • Glyna Stevenson

    Little Lou aka Lieutenant Dan Stevenson

  • Evelyn Cuevas

    My little 10 week old boy is coming home in one week, we named him Sparky ❤️

  • Kim


  • Shelly

    My very first bulldog and his name is Catfish!!

  • John Zelinski

    My girl is Emma Sue when she did something wrong.  Emma day-to-day.  My neighbor had a boy named Lunchbox.

  • Abigail Burns

    We have Walter and Lila, the “old couple” 🙂

  • Karon Winslow

    We lost our beloved English Bulldog in a swimming pool accident.
    His name was Biff.
    I think our next Bulldog will be named Bodacious after the famous Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame bucking bull.
    “Bo” for short.

    Those are two of my favorite Bulldog names.
    We currently have a male English Bulldog named Pullo. He’s named after a gladiator on the HBO series “Rome”.

  • Chelz

    Actually in the market to find one. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Dave

    Our girl bully is named Juggles

  • Amelia Fernandez

    Our English Bulldog pups name is Sadie Amal

  • Noodles

    Noodles was our girls name. It fit her well!!

  • mandie

    Our girl is called Cruz or as i like to call her bruiser cause when she runs at us she all but knocks us of our feet. Most of the time she gets Cruzzie girl or bubba(she is very spoilt lol)

  • Jacqui

    We have a Hamish, Angus, Brutus and the boss of the lot, our bitch – Roxy.

  • bob alton

    Called my bully (OBELIX) good viking name…. kinda

  • Anna Streleck

    I vote for Porkchop or T-Bone, or maybe I’m just hungry.  How about Roadblock? 

    I’m thinking of Melrose because he is an English Lord in the Richard Jury series by Martha Grimes.  I’ve never known a dog by this name, he’s an aristocrat, he’s British, a bit lazy, a character, has expensive tastes, and it doesn’t sound like any other word I will frequently use in conversation.

  • Maud

    I am french so the name a gave my dog are more french…. but still; first was named «Baboune» (meaning looking a little sad, don’t trully happy…) another was «Crapule» (meaning little bit bad… like to play trick…) another is «Caprish»

  • Sunshine

    Our boy who just turned 1 today is named Captain Angus Hook, we generally just call him Angus. It was a compromise between myself and my 5 year old daughter who wanted to name him Captain Hook. I had my heart set on Angus, so Captain Angus Hook it is. My childhood bulldog was named T-Bone. I flew from Houston to Ohio to get this guy, and my childhood bulldog was from Ohio as well, I grew up in Akron and Findlay. I swear the best bulldogs come from Ohio, ya’ll are just breeding them so well!!! Keep up the great work Dan!!!

  • Denise

    Our english bull’s English name: Sir “Spike” Licksalot; his Italian Name:”Noodles” Ruggiero; favorite nickname: Noodle Head or Boo

  • NM

    We named our bulldog Billy Bob. 😉

  • M S

    Our 2 year old girl is Munchkin, we haven’t met another bulldog named Munchkin yet.

  • Allison

    Our girl is Phyllis Darlene and our boy is Oliver Charles.

    • Nik

      Named our bully Ronnie James DIO

  • Scott

    We have a male bulldog we named Otis and two female Bulldogs Tilly and Telula.

  • JJ

    I named my first bully Spanky (his AKC name was Darla’s True Love)
    I plan on getting 2 puppies soon and I’m thinking Felix and Oscar
    or Abbott and Costello.

  • Leigh Ann Crumley

    My bulldogs are named Addie Mae, MAggie, & Griffin! I am loving the Rhett & Scarlett! I hope to get a new puppy soon!

    • Rebecca

      We have a Lily, she’s beautiful!

  • belinda

    my baby girl is liberty she is 12 weeks was born in liberty teen she is a joy

    • Dan Weese

      love that name. We named one of our girls Liberty Bell. She’s the one on the banner of this site.

  • Zak

    Our girl is named Boosie badazz like the rapper. We call her Boosie or boos or boosafroos.

  • Kalina

    My bully’s Brandon-Eldrick
    in mediaval English Brandon = prince + medieval Bulgarian Bran = Protection
    Eldrick (Tiger Woods real name) = my dog is brindle & I’m a golfer

  • Liliana

    I named my english bulldog Rubi 😉

  • Hayley

    I have a frenchie named Static.

    • Dan Weese

      Very cool! Sounds like a very exciting and energetic little frenchy.

  • Shelley

    I have Fred, Ethel and Lucy!!!  I tell everyone that Ricky is on tour in Cuba…

  • David

    I named my bulldog Murray.

  • Bart

    We pick up our 8 wk old baby boy tomorrow, and after a lot of thought and consideration, we chose the name Archibald (Archie)!

  • Joni

    Don’t see BRUTUS anywhere – that’s what we called our guy – plus we’re in Ohio, so it’s even MORE fitting!!

  • Amanda

    My bully’s name is Bernard 🙂

  • Deborah

    Our new pup’s name is Bo-Jackson. Hot right? 🙂

  • Robin

    Our sweet boy is named Butterbean. He reminded us of the pro boxer with the same name.

  • alejandra

    Mi hermoso bulldog tiene 1 año, su nombre es Bernardo…cuando hace algo malo…sino solo Berny

  • Wendy Alegria

    We have 2 Sir Rhett Butler and Lady Scarlet O’Hare We are into themes my next 2 will be Bonnie and Clyde!!

  • Chastity Harrison

    Our little girl is named Milady. A very royal name 🙂

  • Preston

    We named our Bulldog “Fred”.  He just had the look of a Fred.  Absolutely the perfect name for the perfect dog. My buddy and we have Fred time everyday where he crawls on my lap and I scratch his head until he starts snoring.  Priceless

  • Charlie Zopfi

    We just got our second bulldog on September 29, 2014, after losing our 7 year old suddenly due to the vet prescribing the wrong medication.  This is our first bulldog puppy since our first was a year old when we adopted him.  We named our new boy “Bentley”.  It just came to us and really seemed to fit him, not to mention the Bentley is a very expensive and prestigious English car.  LOL.  Whatever you name your Bulldog pup you will have years of great fun and love!

  • Mary

    I always thought if I could get a Bull dog, I would name him Otis because I think they have a face similar to “Otis the drunk” on the old Andy Griffith show!

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