Our Next Litter of Bulldog Puppies!

We’re pleased you’ve considered us in your search for the perfect English Bulldog Puppy! RedWhiteandBulldogs is one of the Premiere “Hobby Breeders” in Ohio we and usually have 1-2 litters per year. We’re definitely not a Bully-Mart….We produce quality English Bulldog puppies and our breeding program is driven entirely by our love of this fantastic breed! 

Indy Gave Birth to 7 Magnificent Puppies on Saturday, the 10th of December Then…Heartache.

Sadly, Indy passed away hours after her delivery. Over the last few days we’ve learned no amount of tears will bring her back. As anyone could imagine, our family is still grieving, but thanks to the selfless generosity of two strangers from Kentucky and their Labrador Retriever, Pixie, our circumstances have been miraculously transformed beyond belief!

See the full story: Orphaned Bulldog Puppies and a Labrador Whose Puppies Were Killed. They Traveled From Kentucky to Ohio to See if She Would Adopt the Newborn Bulldog Puppies as Her Own. 

We thank you for your prayers and well wishes.

Watch our facebook page for LIVE video updates on our new puppies!!

Progress With Every New Litter!

That’s our aim! To improve with each new batch of Bulldog puppies in health, confirmation and temperament. From where we started 8 years ago we can definitely see advancement in these critical subjects and there’s no doubt we’re headed in the right direction with our breeding program. It’s our lofty standards for producing exceptional Bulldog puppies that gives us purpose and an honorable sense of belonging in the Bulldog community. We feel that’s something to be proud of!



Both Cally and Indy were bred in the first week of May 2015 and with your fingers crossed Indy gave birth to 5 females while Cally gave us 1 Male. Cally’s puppy was a product of a repeat breeding with Harrison and Cally. The phrase, “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” applies perfectly considering the incredible bunch of ankle biters these two combined to produce in October, 2013.

We proudly named Cally and Harrison’s little boy, Big Sur. He’s named after a sparsely populated region off the iconic route 1 of the Central Coast of California where the Santa Lucia Mountains rise abruptly from the Pacific Ocean.



Independence(Indy) is the daughter of Harrison and Cally(both shown below). Indy has a wonderfully calm and loving demeanor.  She was successfully bred for the first time back in May of 2015 with a Bulldog we felt complimented her smaller size of 38lbs.

Barley(right) is the sire’s name for that previous litter. Barley is red and white, just like Indy. Look at that face! We were quite surprised to learn Indy’s first litter with Barley would fill our home with 5 beautiful, female puppies.


newborn english bulldog pups

baby english bulldog


Watch Indy and Pixie’s Puppies Live on Facebook

See Our Favorite Photos From The Last Group Of Bulldog Puppies!

78 Responses to Future Red White and Bulldogs

  • Lisa Stewart


    I lost my female bulldog puppy this September when she was 9 months old.  She chewed a glove up that had rubber fingers that she found on the floor in the garage while we were working on our horse barn.  She got sick throwing up and diarrhea, we thought it was the flu, didn’t know about the glove yet. We took her to the vet and got some medication to try.  She seemed better for a day then went back to being sick.  Took her back to the vet where they did an x-ray of her stomach and saw something weird, so they went in and found parts of a rubber glove blocking her intestines.  They removed the blockage and sewed her back up, but when she was coming out of the anesthesia she failed and stopped breathing.  Sadly the vet could not bring her back around.  So I sympathize with your loss of Indy keenly.  I still miss Delilah and I still cry over her grave even though I only got to know her for 7 months.  I live just down the road from you in Rittman, I was surprised to see a bulldog breeder this close.  Just wanted to extend my sympathy.

    • Dan Weese

      I’m so sorry to hear that about your bully! And she was so young too. I bet she was beautiful! We had a similar experience with a rubber boat bouy some years ago. You’re very kind to take the time and share your experience and sympathy with me and my family, Lisa, and I thank you for that. We actually have a family picked out for one of our bullies and they too live in Rittman!

  • Melanie wicks

    Hi I’m looking for a mostly red female pup how much do you charge and do you ship your pups?

    • Dan Weese

      Hi Melanie. Puppies from this next litter will be priced 2500-3000 each. They come with a 2 year health contract and are AKC registered, of course. We have shipped before, but shipping in the winter is not preferable and we tend to give first priority to those who are willing to travel with the puppy. Keep an eye on this page and our facebook for updates!

  • chad

    Hi my name is chad….i have a akc registerd 6th generation champion red and white tri colored bulldog named tank…he is 2 yrs old and has not yet been studded or has hebreeded yet….i am very interested in allowing him to be studded….i have all his paper work family tree and akc breeding rights….totally legit…he is bulit like a champ and weighs about 80 pds….very very good bloodline very impressive actually….please contact me if u are interested

    • Dan Weese

      He sounds like a great looking boy. I have your contact info will contact you should we become further interested. Thanks!

  • Lauren Pauley

    Hi Dan! My husband Brian and I have fallen in love with your Bulldogs! We are very interested in a male puppy from your next litter. Are you still hoping for a litter this spring?

    • Dan Weese

      Lauren, we’re waiting on our Libby to come into season. Once she does, we’ll let everyone know on our facebook page as well as this site. The gestational period for a Bulldog is approx. 60 days and breeding takes around 10 days so at any point, we’re 70 days out from having puppies. Libby seems to be a little late, but we do still hope to see puppies by this Summer! – Dan

      • Kristan

        Do you have any photos of Libby on this site? Who will be the sire? Thanks.

        • Dan Weese

          Sorry for the late response, Kristan. We were out of town. There are a few pictures. One of them is on the front page(4th from top running in leaves). She’s our only brindle/white bully. We don’t have many current pictures of her because she actually lives about an hour away with a friend. I’ll definitely have to get a few photos next time she comes for a visit. The sire is still being decided upon, but we’ll post info about him once we’ve chosen 🙂

    • Jessy hill

      How much r the puppies

      • Dan Weese

        Jesse, puppies from this next litter will be priced around 3,000 each.

    • karen traver

      Hi Dan. We are very much interested in a puppy (preferably male) from your next litter, This spring? Summer? My son will be graduating college and getting married very soon. Couldn’t think of a better gift to finally give him. He has wanted one since middle school.

      • Dan Weese

        Karen, thanks for contacting me about our puppies. We are hoping for a litter this Summer some time. You’re right. A Bulldog could make a very special gift and serve to make home life for your Son and his new Wife more fulfilling. Swing by our facebook page and drop me a line. We’ll try and notify you when things get moving. Once Libby has come into season, we’ll let everyone know.

        • karen traver

          Thank you, Dan – it is very much appreciated. I will be checking out your facebook page to also keep and eye out for an available puppy. Waiting…….on pins and needles.:)

  • Debbie parsons

    When is your next litter going to be available

    • Dan Weese

      Hopefully this Winter some time. Watch our facebook page for updates!

      • Joyce Calder

        When will you have puppys again and how much are they?

        • Dan Weese

          Joyce, we’re hoping for a litter some time this Winter. The price per puppy will be around $3,000 each.

  • Kate Baldes

    Hey, Im interested in a pup. Do you have any still available?

    • Dan Weese

      Sorry Kate. The next litter isn’t expected until Late Fall/Winter. Watch Facebook for updates.

  • cheri ayres

    Hello I’m cheri . I’m interested in a pup as well

    • Dan Weese

      Great Cheri! Please watch our facebook page for updates on the next litter of pups!

  • Angel Olson

    Hi there! I am wondering about puppies? We would be interested in one. My husband and I have two daughters, ages 10 & 8 who are wanting a puppy so bad! I have had Boston Terrior bulldogs in the past and so I do love bulldogs! Please give any information about puppies that you’re expecting!
    Thanks, Angel

    • Dan Weese

      Hi Angel. We are hoping for another litter this Fall/Winter. Keep an eye out for updates.

  • Ashley Brock

    Hi. I am looking for a breeder who breeds top quality dogs, and I was referred to you. I see you have a possible litter coming in the fall/winter, and I am very interested in knowing more about that breeding. I tragically lost my oldest female very suddenly a few weeks ago. I really want and need a dog bred for health first. It is so heartbreaking when they aren’t, and they have to suffer with every ailment under the sun. I still have one male and one female English Bulldog, but I desperately want a puppy to add to our pack.
    Thank you,
    Ashley Brock

    • Dan Weese

      Hi Ashley. We are expecting puppies in that time frame. The details are still being worked out, but this will be Libby’s litter. She is the one featured on the banner of the website and she’s shown in a few pics on the front page as well. Our Bulldogs have always been very healthy. Sounds like you have a nice family.

  • Briana Reeves

    Do you have any puppies available?

    • Dan Weese

      Sorry, Briana, but all of our puppies have found homes. We hope to have another litter this Fall/Winter. Watch our facebook page for updates!

  • ferdinand

    hi dan,got a nice bulldogs there.im from the phillipines.im looking for a well bred bulldog pup that can be with us as a new member of our family.my dad pass away a year ago he loves bulldog.i just wanted to get one as my remembrance of him.though a long shot if you could ship one in ph?thank you

    • Dan Weese

      Hey there sorry to hear about your dad. What a great idea as a way of remembering him. Unfortunately I can’t ship that far. I wish I knew of someone over there I could refer you to. Good luck.

  • Rye Weaver

    Do you have any puppies available?

    • Dan Weese

      We do have one female left although we’re not sure which one. We should know in a week or two. Check out our facebook page for the most accurate info

  • Gabriella Baer

    Oops! I just saw the puppies have arrived!! SO exciting!! Can you please send me some pictures? I am VERY interested!!! Thank you!!

  • Gabriella Baer


    Was curious if Indy and Cally have had their puppies yet?! I am very interested and was wondering if you had any puppies that are still for sale? and if you could send some pictures!



    • Dan Weese

      Gabi, we do still have 5 females. There are a couple of people in line, but we haven’t officially listed the pups for sale quite yet. We posted a couple of photos on our facebook page and hope to do a video more clearly showing each pup very soon.

  • Heather Raines

    Hi. Just anxiously waiting to see if Cally and Harrison will be expecting puppies this month ???

    • Dan Weese

      Hey there Heather! We are expecting puppies within days from Indy and Cally!

  • Theresa Lloyd

    We are looking for an English Bulldog puppy.  Health and sweet temperment are most important to us.  We are located in Evansville, IN.  Please let me know if you have pups available now or the anticipated wait.  Please explain the process involved to obtain one of your pups.

    • Dan Weese

      Hi Theresa. We expect two litters this July. We will begin accepting deposits once any available puppies are around a week old. If you just watch this website and our facebook page, you won’t miss a thing.

  • Juliana

    Is there a new litter in its way? What is the average price for a puppy?

    • Dan Weese

      Juliana, we are hoping for a litter this Summer. The starting price for our puppies is $2,500. Keep watching our website and facebook page for updates.

  • Rhonda Harrington

    My family is very interested in a male pup. Thank you

  • Alex

    Hi There

    LOVE the pictures and emphasis on health.  When are we expecting the next litter and what are your prices?  Are you a cash only breeder or are payment plans set up?  We have been wanting a bulldog forever and I Would love to surprise my lady with a bulldog for her birthday.


    • Dan Weese

      Thanks, Alex! We hope to have a litter this Summer. There are no payment plans available sorry.

  • angela hacker

    Just had to look at your bulldogs we lost ours after thanksgiving he was show and heritage of Ch Cherokee legend only 7 1/2 years old major surgery at 6 months old umbilical hernia repair, stenosis nares correction, staphlectomy exerted saccules, hypoplastic trachea we were so lucky to keep him as long as we did your female Cally looks like he did.

    • Dan Weese

      I’m sorry to hear about your boy. Cally is out of the Legend line as well.

  • Kalli

    Hello! I would more than LOVE to buy a female puppy from the next litter, I was wondering how to get started with my process and when the next litter would be ready? Thanks!

    • Dan Weese

      Kalli, we hope to have a litter this Summer. The puppies start at $2,500 and come with a 2yr health contract. We will begin accepting deposits for any available puppies once they’re around 10 days old. – Daniel

  • Jimi

    Interested in a female pup. Wondering when next litter is coming and prices.

    • Dan Weese

      Jimi, we were expecting a litter much sooner, but things aren’t going as planned. The earliest we can see a litter of puppies is probably this Summer. The puppies start at $2,500. Please see our health contract page.

  • Barb

    Is it Harrison and Cally that are expecting in this next litter?  If so, can you email me once you’re accepting deposits again?  Also, can you tell me once you know what month Cally is expecting to deliver?  I promised my son an English Bulldog Puppy after he completed his Graduate Assistance Program.  Much to my surprise, He now plans to complete his last class this summer vs. next year.  I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Dan Weese

      Congratulations to your son! Please submit an email via our contact us page. You need not include any specific info. Your email will be saved and we’ll attempt to contact you once things get moving. To be sure you don’t miss anything you can also watch our facebook page.

  • Salvatore

    I wanted to know if you had your litter yet. I currently have a year old English Bulldog and would like to add another to the family. Preferably a female. Is there a way we can communicate about your dogs and purchasing

    • Dan Weese

      We hope to have a litter by Springtime or Summer.  The puppies start at 2500 and come with a two year health contract. So far, the first three puppies have been spoken for. We won’t be accepting any further deposits until we can be sure we have puppies to back them up. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Best Regards, Dan Weese

  • Rick george

    Interested in a male…do you project any puppies soon? Where are you located? I am in richmond indiana

    • Dan Weese

      We’re hoping for the next litter to arrive around Springtime. We’re in Wadsworth, Ohio which is about 30 minutes south of Cleveland.

  • Kim Dwyer

    Hi Dan,

    Could you please email us when Cally is expecting? Our English Bulldog was 8 years old and past of cancer. She was such an important part of our family. We took some time to grieve and now we feel we are ready again. 🙂

    Thank you,


    • Dan Weese

      Yes, Kim we can certainly keep you informed about the next litter of puppies.

  • Stephen Lenker

    Hi Dan,
    We are really interested in one of your pups.  Do you have an idea when you may have another litter and how do we go about sending a deposit to you?

    • Dan Weese

      Hey Stephen. We’re hoping for the next litter to arrive by Feb-Mar. Cally’s making us wait a bit longer than we had expected, but once she’s come into season and been bred we should see puppies around 70 days later. The puppies start at $2,500. We’ll begin accepting deposits once the puppies are at least 10 days old and that is done via PayPal in the amount of at least $500. The remaining balance is due when the puppy reaches 8 wks. Shoot me an email if you have any further questions. Thanks – Daniel

  • Mickey Glosmek

    Hello we are looking for a bully to add to our family. Please email me about your next litter. Thank you.

  • Robert

    Do you have plans for a new litter?  If so, are you taking reservations? Thank you!

    • Dan Weese

      Robert, we hope for the next litter around the end of the year. We aren’t accepting any further deposits or reservations until we can be sure we have enough puppies to back them up. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks

  • Jackie Lucibella

    Hi Dan,

    My Fiance and I already own an English Bulldog and of course we decided we NEED a second! 🙂 We are getting married in September and will be looking for a puppy in January 2015. I was wondering what the price range is for your puppies and if we would be able to drive out and meet the puppy before purchasing.

    Thank you,

    • Dan Weese

      Hi Jackie. Our puppies usually start at $2,500. We would love to have you out to see the puppies before you make a decision. In fact, we prefer to meet the new owners before we give away one of our pups. If you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them for you. Please submit a form on the contact us page. thanks – Daniel Weese

  • Lynnette Curran

    Hi!  We have been looking for an English bulldog puppy.  We currently have a 9 year old purebreed English Bulldog and would love to get a puppy for Pampa to spend her senior years with.  I am a stay at home mom and patiently care for my senior bully.  She has many of the common bulldog issues such as dry eye and skin dermatitis but I love and care for her as if she were my daughter.  We own a home with a spacious back yard that Pampa loves to run in and catch a quick sun bath or a snooze in the shade.  Can u please provide me with some information about your breeding or if you know of any rescues…..thanks so much.

    • Dan Weese

      Hi Lynette! Here’s some info about our future litter and you can find a couple of rescue centers listed at the bottom of this page. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Josh laveck

    Please notify me of ur next litter I’m looking for a male

    • Dan Weese

      No problem Josh! Did you like us on Facebook? That’s where we’ve been sending most everyone who wants to be kept in the loop about future litters. I guess facebook is the easiest form of communication these days 🙂

  • Jody spohn

    Hello! I am very interested in your next litter of English bulldog puppies. I am looking for a girl puppy. The pictures of your bulldogs are what I am looking for in a dog. If you could please email me back with more info I would appreciate it.

    Thanks, Jody

    • Dan Weese

      Awesome! Just replied to your email 🙂

  • Tony Godejohn

    We are interested in a male puppy. We live near Seattle and have a 2 year old female Bully. We like the look of Harrison in the picture above. Do your bullys tend to have the same look with the larger heads and bulky bodies?  Let me know any info regarding adopting a pup from you and transportation. Thanks!

    • Dan Weese

      Hi Tony! Our Bulldogs do have the bulky heads and bodies. They have the look of a true AKC bulldog like no other! Look at Harrison and then Cally on the top of this page in the header and that’s what you’ll get. We do have one male left (hunter) he’s the red and white one. We have shipped as far as Portland, Oregon with no issues so it’s something we could consider, but may be a bit challenging to get the weather to cooperate. Shipping ads about an extra 300 dollars as well. Let me know what you think. – Dan

  • Gary

    Hello, I’m wondering the process of purchasing a bulldog from you guys! My family and I are interested in a boy! Thank you.

    • Dan Weese

      Hi Gary. We have 2 males left as I’m sure you saw on this page. Any puppy can be reserved for you with a deposit via PayPal or in person in the amount of at least $500. Once the puppy has reached 7-8 weeks of age he’ll be ready to go home and the remaining balance is due at this time. All puppies come up to date on vaccinations and are certified healthy before they leave our home. If you would like to speak more directly with me about our puppies you may message me on our facebook page or call my cell phone 330-703-2901. Thanks – Dan Weese

  • Mitch Rider

    Hi, i was wondering when your upcoming litters would be. i have a 3 year old bulldog and would like to add another one to my family.

    • Dan Weese

      Hey Mitch! You know you can’t have just one Bulldog right? Lol. Aside from the litter we have now, we don’t expect another until January 2015. We’re well worth the wait! We have a 2 Yr. Health Guarantee and our puppies are incredibly healthy. So healthy in fact that we’ve never had to fulfill the guarantee. Let me know if you have any other questions. – Dan

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