4 Week Old Bulldog Babies Weighing In!!





 And…We’re Celebrating Valentine’s Day Early 🙂bulldog-puppy-valentine



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Their First Photos

Over the coarse of a few days I managed to steal a few photos from our Miracle Bulldog puppies. Most of the time while shooting these photos the puppies were either sleeping, yawning or nodding back off into dreamland.

You’d think it might be easy to pose the puppies the way you want, but the second you place them in that perfect position they’re moving back to the way that they prefer to lay. I’ll definitely be capturing many more photos of these pups as they grow and I can’t wait to get some shots including their Labrador mommy!!

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12 Responses to Newborn English Bulldog Puppies

  • Donna Butler

    I would like to get one of these puppies do you have any that are available

    • Dan Weese

      I’m sorry, Donna. All of the puppies have been spoken for.

  • Gail

    I’m so very sorry about your loss. Your little mama certainly was a beautiful gir. 

    It’s just terrific you were blessed with her adorable babies and found a fellow “dog lover” who reached out so both families found a perfect solution for your furkids.

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas Miracle. It truly warmed my heart.

  • lalonde bernadette

    You must protect these loves !!! I like a lot, they deserve a good family. A family that will give them a lot of love and affection ….

  • DJ

    With regards to the comment about 2 females going to the same home..I hope you reconsider this because a relative also welcomed into their home 2 female English bulldog puppies from the same litter and was great at first, but as they got months older, the play turned into extreme fighting (often bloody) for the alpha position and they did everything they could to try to manage this, but it didn’t work out and ended up giving one of the dogs up to another family. I would strongly encourage you to discourage 2 litter-mates (especially 2 females) going to the same home. Please google littermate syndrome.

    • Dan Weese

      Weird. We kept Libby and Indy years ago and they’ve always loved each other. They even chose to sleep in the same cage most nights and while napping. Littermate syndrome. I’ll have to google it.

  • Rosa White

    Will these beautiful puppies be for sale in near future

    • Dan Weese

      They’ve all found loving and responsible families. Two of the girls are going to the same home 🙂

  • Karen

    Simply perfection❤

  • Melissa Gay

    They are absolutely precious!

  • Molly

    Love Love LOVE. I’ve been following Pixie(and Indy’s) puppies since I first heard. God bless those babies!!

  • Janet

    oh my goodness!!!! How did you manage to get these pictures! I’m in love.

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